3rd person/Over the shoulder camera?


I’ve been thinking on the idea of the game having either a 3rd person view or more preferably an over the shoulder camera option to switch between (either in options or in game keybind from 1st person to shoulder camera), I say over the shoulder camera (similar to gears of war for example) as at least then the camera isn’t too far back and you can’t see to far around the sides of you such as wall peaking or something.

I can already see the reasons against it such as the thing I just mentioned with wall peaking to see is the monster is there or something but even then I don’t see that being an issue as you’re basically sprinting after the monster most of the time anyway and it’s not like you can surprise attack any good monster that’s using the sense all the time to detect hunters, with that said I’ve just always like to have any kind of 3rd person view so you can see your character properly whilst playing and at least then it will make unlocking elite skins more worth while as you can see it in play your self, thoughts?


I don’t want my prey to be able to see me sneak pounce them from behind! :frowning:


Which is why I suggested over the shoulder like Gears has so you still won’t really see it coming :laughing: