3rd Monster Wraith discussion


Looks like we can talk about it now.

Movement Ability: Short-Medium range teleport without any particle effects to trace it. This would allow it to teleport/blink into a bush or travel short distances. Also allows for combat confusion.

Warp Blast: Teleport with small AoE. Similar to movement ability but does damage and has a tracer to follow it around.

Abduct: 1 of 2 possibilities. 1: Snatch a hero and drag them for a short while. Possible crushing damage while held. Once a short time has past Wraith releases the Hunter or starts an auto pounce on the Hunter. 2: A pull type ability to bring a Hunter a short-medium distance to Wraith. Whether this is done through a mirror image similar to decoy is debatable.

Decoy: Summons a mirage image/clone of itself that does 1 of these 2 things. 1: It runs off in the direction you aim it using movement skills from time to time in an effort to confuse the enemy and chase the wrong target. 2: It engages in combat using a variety of skills you may have but does no damage. Has a small health pool.

Supernova: AoE Blindness/Disorient and maybe small amount of damage. This will act similar to most FPS flashbangs and blind/disorient the hunters.

The Wraith is more about Subterfuge than Stealth. It has a variety of abilities that allow it to confuse and disorient the Hunters as the primary damage done by the Wraith is melee attacks. Some possible tactics are to use supernova and then throw out a decoy and use your movement teleport to hide into a bush. Or use a decoy and start engaging the Hunters so that they don’t know which one to fire on at first. Use Abduct to snatch a Hunter away from it’s pack and chow down around a corner. Use decoy and then your movement teleport to hide in some nearby brush. They will think the Decoy is you and chase after it.

Using these skills you will grind the Hunters down psychologically by hitting their weak spots making them stay closer together in order to fend you off. I’ll add more I’m alt tabbing between game rounds and feel I want to post this up and get discussions rolling. What do you guys think Wraith is all about?

Here are some images to help spur discussion.
Close up view of Wraith in the Trailer.

Wraith performing a teleport and melee attack. I believe the uppercut is just it’s normal attack and/or a finishing move similar to Goliaths ground slam or Krakens Tentacle Spear.

And the ‘Leaked Image’ that everyone has been talking about in hushed whispers.

Wraith and 4th monster thoughts
Wraiths Abduction Used Well

Have the abilities been described somewhere or are you just guessing based on the names?


Just speculation and what I’ve seen from the Trailer.


I hate the look of it so far but its hard for me to judge exactly until full image release


I think that the leaked picture was mid animation and so it looks funky.


Please hate it, if the whole world hates her, then I can have her all to myself :smile:


Yea… I dont like it


fuck wraith lets talk about the 4th monster!

in all srsns i think youll be pretty close. i think that its going to either have really strong melee and be like you described or itll be really strong but weaker then the kraken


Looks real good. As a monster player myself, I can’t wait to try her out. Probably won’t use her as my main, but should be fun to play with.

Honestly I’m more interested in (NAME TO BE DECIDED). He looks to be much more my play style and aesthetics.


Interesting that it appears able to fly…I honestly figured Kraken would be the only one.


maybe it uses a glide feature similar to what they abandoned for Kraken, it does seem to hover


I think it might hover slightly off the ground, but I think Kraken is the ‘flyer’ and this might skim across the ground. Similar to Sora’s Final Form in Kingdom Hearts 2 if you have played that.


I’m mostly judging from the very brief 1 second, it seems to be pretty high in the air. By skimming I assume you mean more of a visual effect that it doesn’t really touch the ground but can’t really “fly” either, it must be close to the ground.

It just looks very ghost like how it darts through the air.


Possibly, or it could have started from higher up. Either way, so excited :smiley:


Reminds me of a fade from natural selection. Excited to see this monster in action.


This looks f*****g awesome!!!


Fantastic footage. This one might become my favorite moster.


something tells me this monster has even less HP than Kraken since it can teleport and deploy a decoy…


Also, would have been cool if Wraith can Cloak and go invisible for a set time…


I will not share my albino praying mantis lady