3rd Monster! What are your ideas?


Ok so i am very excited to see what the 3rd monster is going to be.
i am hoping its and predicting its going to be a stealth based monster. My ideas for it would be that its a smaller less health monster.
It could travel underground for short periods of time and hide easy, maybe it can go invisible and just blend in with the environment.

Just some random thoughts, put in your thoughts and ideas! :smile:


from what I’ve heard, the third monster is going to be Leviathan. A stealth-based, cloaking monster that relies on pounce attacks and the like.


Nice, sounds good. I hope its not under powered considering how when you pounce as a Goliath and start to rip them apart you can easily get shot off them.


I know you guys are new but there’s already a designated thread for this please search before you post! And no leviathan is just something somebody put on the wiki.