3rd Monster? Skorpox? *Early Goliath Concept*


I was searching up some stuff about Evolve and came across the Evolve Wikia. It mentioned the 3rd monster, Scorpox. Here are screenshots of the description. :slight_smile: I will post the Wikia link below. (This is probably fake but thought I should share it) :slight_smile:


Interesting, I think the burrowing part might be accurate as it was mentioned that Goliath once had a burrow but it was moved to another monster.

Not sure I like the name though, still nothing is set until it’s confirmed by TRS or 2K.


Yeah the name made me laugh. Would be cool if it was a scorpion though! Hence the name “Scorpox”


Yea, I do hope it’s a burrower though that relies on ambushes!


Ohhh awesome!!! As i read through the thread about the monster ideas, i was like…
damn son, i want a sandking-like (DotA) Monster. If this is true, ill never get to play Kraken or Goliath LOL


link or it didn’t happen :smile:



Someone keeps trolling the monster page on the wiki. I keep clearing it and someone keeps reloading it…

Scorpox was an early build of Goliath that was more crab like and did indeed burrow. It got iterated over and over until it became the Goliath we know today.


A monster class that would make it a challenge to track/trap. This is going to be interesting if it pans out.


“Yeah,” Ashton replied, “and you can modify Burrow to where it can work in combat. You could make [it] work if you could tunnel, if I could change position after I burrow, now we don’t have that problem.”

Very cool


I think it was actually Scorpid. Might have just been an error made by whoever added it


I made a post about this in I think July, but the thread I made the post in died out a bit, so hopefully more people will see this in this thread. I found it while looking on google.

“In development, Goliath was called “Scorpid” and was a giant crab-scorpion that could burrow. Turtle Rock wanted to make the monster more relatable, so tweaked Goliath using Godzilla and King Kong as inspiration to make the monster seen today.”

It also had concept art showing Scorpid.

I wonder how it would look now, since TRS wanted to make monsters more relatable.


I heard in an interview about on the of devs, Phil I think, say something about the third monster being called the Grounder, just in passing, while listing the monsters shipping with the game. THEN, I saw another interview at Turtle Rock Studios with a small model in the background of a bipedal monster, all painted and everything. Sure wasn’t goliath. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2014/01/22/why-evolve-is-not-just-another-first-person-shooter.aspx

That is the link. The interview is in the article. At about :55 seconds, you can see the model in the background. Now why would turtle rock studios go through the trouble of making a model of a creature, painting it and redesigning it for weeks, then display it in their offices if it was NEVER going to be in the game? I think that this is the third and final monster.


I think it was confirmed by Phil Robb to be a very early concept for Goliath.


and grounder was krakens early name as well. so much that the dev team struggle to NOT call kraken grounder anymore


Interesting right? at 1:18 in that video you get a perfect look at the monster model, which I still believe is the third monster for the game. CANT WAIT FOR OFFICIAL REVEAL


What i am looking for is something more ability based i wanna see some of what he is capable of since somewhere on a different thread someone said it might be more crowd control based but that is how Goliath kind of is so i don’t know if im getting info late or not.


Nope, it’s still a early version of Goliath. I have concept art from Official Playstation Magazine, and that was one of the Goliath concepts.


Really? Dang it. Just remembered seeing a interview for the movie Godzilla, and there was a model behind the guy. Everyone said “OH THAT ISN’T THE MONSTER IN THE MOVIE” Sure enough, it was. But thanks for tip homy.


Doh! right. I must have gotten my wires crossed thinking about transformers, and I didn’t catch the switch >.<

As for the wiki, I didn’t mean to come off frustrated. Lots of blatantly spammy stuff gets posted there now and then, and I do my part to clean it up. A few weeks back, there were pages saying the third monster was the hydra and that there were going to be 7 monsters on release.