3rd monster Falanx?


On the wiki for evolve monsters it says that the third monster is named “Falanx” and it thows spears apparently


It can be edited by anyone really, not to mention the typing isn’t really well english lol.
‘Flanax A creature that uses is a spear.’


Can anyone really just edit it?


Yeah. And I’m pretty sure @EvolveWiki can make ANYONE to not edit it by adding permissions.


Hey guys, just wanted to interject here. You are referring to the Wikia website which anyone can edit, you don’t have to be logged in or anything.

While this is the ultimate upside of any wiki, it is also the ultimate fault. As you can see, people add incorrect information all of the time. Some do it unknowingly, others do it maliciously.

We however are not the owners of the Wikia site. Our wiki service has a lot more strict standards simply to combat these issues such as only registered users can edit the wiki and as such, can easily be denied permission.

Our Wiki is located here: http://evolvewiki.com/

Keep in mind however that the site is incomplete at this time and therefore, registration is closed to everyone but developers and required staff. I like to think our wiki is well up to date with information and much more reliable in terms of information. But it’s still a work in progress and will hopefully open to the public soon.


That explains it! I thought you guys were on wikia. So, who is running the wikia one then?


I’ve asked one of the Wiki CMs about that. Let see if they can forward the ownership to us?


I have nothing against Wikia personally, it’s a valuable resource for millions of people. But Wikia is a company and as such, has their own requirements and needs. I understand why they have pop ups and advertisements for example, but I’ve always hated being interrupted by some obnoxious pop-up, especially while on a mobile device.

Technically, the owners of any Wikia page will always default to the company that runs that service, but when someone creates a new wiki page, they are the local admin of that page. As far as who that is however, I have no idea.

With our wiki, you’ll always know who runs it and who to contact if shit goes wrong. Oh and no ads… like ever.


Then we’ll simply make an announcement - WE’VE BEEN MOVED TO…

Better? :smile:


ROFL. While I can see benefits to not having competition, it’s a valuable resource for people and I’m for helping the Evolve Community. Even if it means my site isn’t #1.

…yet :wink:


And it will be! Good luck.


If it was right, it would also be Phalanx based of the roman formation