3rd monster Confirmed!


1.Super Beard Fan Club: All the fans of the game come into the game and attack the hunters with magnificent beards.
2.No Shave Today!: Makes the monster impervious to damage and regrows hair, aka armor.
3.Mustaches Don’t Count: The monster places a trap of hair that make hunters grow beards (even the girls) and take damage over time for growing hair that isn’t a beard.
4. Hair Spikes: The beard spares some of its hairs for the greater good of killing the hunters.


Is he related to TechnoViking?


Quite possibly.


Is this REAL ?


No, just something that was joked about in the livestream.


i see what u did there


This is interesting.


I see the potential… huge fluffy adorable monster bear… Purfect!


You got me again :*C

You’re the real monster!..

Also I watch those bear streams every now and again. Good stuff.