3D support for Evolve


Since Evolve is running on Cry Engine, and you guys have extra time to polish the game is it possible that Evolve would have a 3D support ranking from nVidia as Ready? That would be awesome.
Tagging @r00k because i know he has 3D monitors and he could bugg @MacMan more then i could ever do.
Please, make it happen :smile:


Actually if they have extra time to polish the game, they don’t have extra time to add something else…

But who knows ? A futur community mod maybe?


True, but it’s possible, that they just forgot to mention, hey, this game will support 3D… maybe it’s something that was implemented. Crysis 3, runs on Cry Engine and so does Evolve and it had really good 3D support, even on consoles, so my guess is, it’s not that hard to do it. Who knows… That’s why I’m asking.


What do you mean by 3D ranking, do mean something like the COD AW virtual lobby



The higher rating, the better support game has. It’s not that accurate though. Some games have fair rating but it’s actually good. Then there are modders who try to make it work. Crysis 3 has excellent, and it’s same engine. That’s why i have so high hopes for Evolve.


I don’t think it will support 3D for the same reason it doesn’t support split screen. The system isn’t really capable of rendering 2 images at once, which is what 3D games do


That’s not actually true. If by system you mean PC - that’s dead wrong. My system is capable of it, Evolve in maxed out with poor SLI scaling was getting over 100 FPS in 1080p. If you meant Engine, it’s the same as Crysis 3, and it’s also running flawlessly in 3D… so TBH i see no reason, why it can’t or shouldn’t be implemented. So far, only games that are running on OpenGL have issues with 3D, like Rage but it has been mostly fixed by community. Have you seen new Lara Croft in 3D !!! If you did, you would want all games to be in 3D too :smiley:


Once again, I’m speaking as a tech savvy gamer, not someone in the know of development Evolve (everyone knows by now that no one tells IT anything, right?).

3D gaming is VERY niche. A very small percentage of PC gamers even have the capability to run games in 3D, and that number drops dramatically when you talk about the entire gaming market (including consoles). The time it takes to get quality 3D effects into a game have to be weighed against the market for that feature. It’s a lot more than just telling the engine to render everything twice slightly offset.

Now, just because a game doesn’t get specifically developed for 3D or has a non existent/poor rating on nvidia’s website doesn’t mean it won’t display in 3D. It might even look good. There’s really no way to know until you play the game (I didn’t try it during the alpha). As I mentioned in a different thread, my favorite 3D experience by far has been Eve Online, and it has a “Poor” rating on nVidia’s compatibility site.

As far as whether anyone here is or will work on it, I truly and honestly have no idea, but I figured you should get at least as much of a reply as I can give. 3D monitor solidarity and all that :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t believe it will be happening.


Are you talking about something like the occulus rift virtual reality?


Would love to see even a small amount of attention paid to 3d. Little things like fixing the crosshair go a long way.


LOL, speaking of Lazarus device… :]
i wish Evolve would support 3D… GTA 5 will, and that’s a big shock for me, but a nice one.
I don’t know how much of work would TRS have to put in to it, but i think nVidia is supporting Evolve right? they could “do it”… :]


i cant understand why 3d vision is disabled in this game,
we the consumers should have the choice to use it if we want!
im truly upset about it


Would love to see 3d vision support for Evolve, they’ve gone the extra mile in a lot of areas already.


Bumping this old thread so to avoid making a new one. Can a developer comment as to why the game-ready Nvidia drivers and onwards specifically blocked Evolve from utilizing 3D Vision? I can’t think of any other game that went out of its way to do this. At worst, most games are typically just unsupported as “not recommended” or perhaps resorting to compatibility mode, but again, Evolve is unique with its “Stereo Disabled” rating.

I’d personally love to see the world of Shear and all its creatures in 3D, since I know how games can simply look amazing with it enabled. (Metro 2033 + Last Light, Skyrim, DmC, DX:HR, etc…). But I’d also enjoy seeing the game in 3D even if there are graphical bugs. Perhaps, make it an option at the very least? We PC gamers like options. :smile: