3D Printing and You 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


I decided not to bog down the Miniature Painting thread any further with my 3D printed exploits despite my intents to paint some of my miniature prints (and when I do I will post them over in the proper thread!), so decided that I would create this thread instead. This way everyone that 3D prints can drop their makes in here!

Please remember to leave a link to the proper creator and/or let us know where you found your model STL files.


Omg I need to talk to my wife about this.

I really want a printer now, but I don’t think I have a good place for it and I want to make sure I’ll get the most out of it.


I backed the Bean 3D SLA printer from Kickstarter and got it not too long ago, haven’t had time to set it up yet though. There’s quite a few people at work that talk about what they’re printing.


My 3D Printer is a very entry-level Da Vinci Mini W by XYZ printing. It’s a plug-and-print machine pretty much out of the box.

It has pros and cons. Pros being it’s great to learn on…cons being it requires its own filaments and colors are limited.

I’ve printed a great many little things here and there and wanted to tackle something more substantial. I had practiced with 3D Kitbash’s FREE Rukibot model and it worked well, so I purchased their Boon: The Tiny T-Rex model to give it a go.

My first attempt I ran the model with Clear Blue filament. It’s not my favorite color by any means so I didn’t mind “wasting” it if something were to go wrong. I also swapped out to Yellow filament for the eyes. At the time I didn’t have Red filament for the tongue and still don’t have White. It took Herculean effort to fit the pins…mainly the arms causing the problems. However, the print overall is very VERY well done with the tolerances.

The toy itself have a fully articulated head with moving jaw, tongue, and eyes that you can roll forward or back to look where you want. It’s arms move on a swivel, sort-of, and if the print is good the arms can also open further apart like for a cool roar or running pose, or close closer to the chest for added cuteness or holding something. The legs can be used to stand or sit the model and get into a variety of leg-like positions. No serious problems with posing either since the feet are so chunky and the tail helps to balance the weight of the head.

This being a success, I moved on the other filament colors. Here I ran into some issues either due to my filament or the printer…some under extruding, stringing, and “zits” on the Yellow filament which took me two days to try and sort out…and I didn’t, really, but it seems to have corrected itself? Maybe? I don’t know but will be trying Yellow again. Anyway, I wanted to do Boon in two-tones, and also found a mod for the eyeballs on Thingiverse…with which to add in 12mm glass doll eyes. I did have to paint the ball socket for the eyes since I did not have White filament, then glued on the glass eyes before setting them into the head. The results were impressive and I’m super pleased with it!

You can also find a link to replace the T-Rex arms with 3-fingers to make an Allosaurus Boon instead of a Rex on Thingiverse. I may do this for another model.

Overall I am thrilled with the model even though it takes quite the effort to get the connection pins in. Once you fit the pins it all just works!

I plan to paint some black stripes maybe on the green one, and working on a Red filament Boon now.


Working on a proof of concept design with fellow Evolve player Nemerod. He was able to create an STL file of Elder Kraken and seeing what we can do with it. This is just the head, meant for a pendant piece. It’s only the first test print and I used supports so it requires some more clean-up. I could also see about shrinking the layer height down from .2 to .1. Still working on it of course!


Awesome. :drooling_face:


Alright we decided to skip the pendant idea a little bit and try for a bust-like head piece instead. This is the largest print I’ve ever done. It ran for 24 hours, was roughly 30 meters of filament, and was printed at highest quality .1 layer setting with low speed. It still has the supports on it currently which will need removing, but this is right off the bed. Size is just shy of 6 inches long, the max my bed will handle.

Here was the print after about 4-5 hours:

In the morning after about 8 more hours here it was:

And this was several more hours later:

Finished w/Supports:

The supports will be removed later and I plan to fully fix this up and paint it.


Sledge and/or @figure_04 have either of you heard of the IVI printer?

Sounds too good to be true.

Edit: there’s a referral link I can send that nets possible upgrades. I think. Anyway, only if you’re interested.


I have not and I was just on Kickstarter too. Will look into this more.

Ah…it is coming sooooon to KS, I get it now, lol.


Yeah if you use my link to sign up to be notified then I get free add ons, or something.

Doesn’t it sound like a great product though? Like, a little too great?


It does…the price alone seems a little low for what they claim. I mean the $500 off is off the list price of $800? It says 14,000 people have already claimed it for the $300 price point.


Well 14,000 have signed up for the Kickstarter, which nets the discount.


True…will wait to see more.


Just a handful of things from Thingiverse. An adorbs Anky, a Maneki Neko Cat, and a Makerbot Mascot Keychain


Nicely done!

Update on the ivi, lots of shade being thrown in the comments about this being a resurrection of a failed Kickstarter. Just a heads up.