3D Printed Hunters & Monsters


Does anyone know where to get the 3D files that were released now that the site has changed?

Also are there files for the additional tiers? If not I would love to see some.


I never seen 3D files on the website Oo


They were downloadable under each character profile


Good point. Can’t find them anymore either D:

Apart from the 3D files for some characters, there also used to be a short character bio/description when you clicked on a hunter for example, but now we only get the video tutorials.


This is why they should but it back the way it was


I might have them, I’ll check my hard drive later when I have time.
Actually, @Takran, do you still have them?


i have the goliath and kraken print files, but i dont have any of the hunters, and i would really like a behemoth and gorgon print, that would be nice, PLEASE TRS!


actually, i might have bucket and abe… im not sure though


I do, but they’re in a flashdrive I do not have access to at the moment. I’ll bookmark this and see if I can share the files once I can get to them again!


does anybody know if the devs or whoever does so, will post more print files? i would really like to add behemoth and gorgon to my collection