3D Printed Drone and Evolve Logo


Since I love Sunny, I made a model of her shield drone. I plan to paint the drone and the logo… I’ve also included a painting I hope to finish as well. Enjoy :smiley:

The thread for animators/modelers

These are sick. Great job!


Wow, that is brilliant! If you sold them, I’d buy it


Really damn cool. You should maybe try your hands at making a hunter! (if thats possible)
Maybe Bucket?


I want a shield drone and the evolve things


Thanks! I would love to, if I had the skills lol. Thinking about printing some hunters, since evolve does give out their STL files. I’m definitely keeping my eye on this.


No Bucket drone?
I disapprove


You should really think about making an Etsy shop and selling these, they’re excellent!



I would love to see a rendition of Gobi made this way. How do you plan to proceed with the drone’s eye? I really love this, especially the bar. I would buy it in a minute so I could paint it. Would like to see more, especially Bucket’s head or sentries. How big is the drone? Where did you get the file or did you self create it?


( O_O)


@Auhsie make one and mail it to him. You’ll be his best friend.









i want one


What? They do? Please tell me where :open_mouth:


Here’s the instructions. “All you need to do is go to EvolveGame.com and under the “About” section, look up your favorite Hunter or Monster. Or all of them. Scroll down past the character description on the right-hand column and you’ll find the link to grab the 3D file.”

They give out the first 2 monsters and 12 hunters I believe. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I can’t find Crows :sob:


For the drones eye, I plan on painting the inside normally, as it looks. If possible, I want to cut and add a piece of plastic to simulate glass around the eye (hope that makes sense). The drone is about 4 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide. The bar/logo is almost 7 inches long. I’m surprised how many people want them, I would love sell them, but I don’t know if I can, legally lol. And yes, I made them myself using Inventor. I’m glad you like it, if I have time I will totally make more! :smiley: p.s. Love your art!


That’s pretty awesome. Keep it up.


I never had a sentry gun as a friend… I think it would be cool, I’ll see if i have the time :wink:


Hmmm… Might be able to give them away and we compensate you for the materials and time. Lol. Or donate at least…Lol

Don’t listen to me. XD


If those are the files they posted long ago I would not go by them…I wasn’t pleased with some of the outcomes I have seen.

Files I am speaking of:

Results for hunter prints are not as bad as with the monsters. They are half-way decent:

Here is one printed with 3D color:

But monsters…yikes:

THIS ^ is a nightmare of filing to get to the final product which, to me, seems too much like you melted wax smooth.

And Kraken is wonky, with flat surfaces all over like a creation made from glass or something.

Here is one printed in color 3D:

I really wanted to see 3D prints with detail kinda like this or close to it…

Not this:

(45 second mark shows just how nutter-butters the flashing is.)