3bx's Evolve wallpapers

In between making the steamgroup Avatar, I decided to make a wallpaper. Using some ideas from @Slewey’s thread: Complete Hunter Wallpapers

Depending on the overall feedback I get, I might make more, with the other Hunters (and the Monsters). One major problem I have though, is I’m not familiar with the quotes from the other Hunters that felt bad-ass. I asked @DamJess on Twitter but haven’t gotten a response yet.

[size=18]NOTICE: New album with wallpapers here[/size] http://imgur.com/gallery/GSbet

Here is Val, the Medic. :medic:
More feedback can be found here over at Imgur: http://imgur.com/gallery/Rlp1eVk

EDIT(2): Alright. So, after taking some advice I’ve changed the following:

Increased the font size of “The Medic”.
Moved the inventory from the bottom center to the bottom right.
Change the inventory to match the in-game inventory.
Created 3 separate backgrounds.

http://imgur.com/gallery/Xu0OG/new For the 3… here’s a preview:

EDIT(3): I’ve moved all my future Evolve wallpapers to a new album on Imgur.
I’ve also changed a few things around, and got rid of that ugly black background and replaced it with my favorite shade of black, #262626.

Here’s a preview of the Goliath wallpaper I finished!

EDIT(4): I’ve finally released Caira’s wallpaper. Preview:

EDIT(5): Abe has been released, using a new background (Going for a “per class” background.)

EDIT(6): It’s not a new Hunter, but I managed to exclude the Gameinformer watermark from this beautiful Val image. This is my private wallpaper, but feel free to use!


Very nice. You can increase the size of the text slightly, I think it would look better since there’s a lot of empty space in the middle.

The idea was to go for something as simply, and empty spaced as possible. With only the essentials needed to make every Hunter, and class, unique. I’ll see about making the text a bit bigger, but I’m unsure if I want to go too big since It’s be removing that “empty space”.

Someone over at imgur also suggested I remove the inventory at the bottom. While I’ll release images like that (along with the inventoried ones) I feel the inventory is essential to making each Hunter’s wallpaper unique. Assuming I make them.

Oh, I mean maybe like 1-2 pt bigger, nothing major. The inventory should stay, IMO, but I like the ones used in-game at the bottom right hand corner.

I actually wanted to replicate them! I thought about it, but I didn’t want to waste time trying to recreate the outlines to look similar to that in-game, without actually having the game itself to base it off of. (IE. I don’t have the images to base it off)

I just find videos off youtube using the character intros, print screen it and re-create them in Illustrator.

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Unfortunately, i don’t think I’d be able to find such good imagery for every inventory, for every Hunter =\

It would be great if we could get those images from the developers though!

Updated the OP with my new wall-paper version. Man, I wish I could make stuff this good for my Metroid obsession!

This is incredible. I love it. I know this might be a little much to ask for, but can you do more? :smile:

Yeah, they look great. I definitely prefer the symbols over the actual guns

Looks sweet. You don’t want to include the class specials?

I’m with @Magik_boom , they look great, and I prefer the 2nd one too, thought both are awesome.

Looks really good bro. I upvoted on imgur as well.

Though I’m a sucker for all things medic class.

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Looks way better in the new one, I would put the weapon icons underneath the middle of the quote or somewhere there. It would make it look less clunky and scattered. But that’s just me being super picky.

As already said: If you have the time and will, you are always welcome to make more :wink:

Maybe one with Abe would be ossum :smiley:

Can you do a Caira one pls : D

I would love to make more. I’m not sure how limited I’ll be on inventory, and their quotes. A lot of videos show gameplay of the characters, but almost never the intro tutorial video for each character (Which allows me to crop them out and use the inventory). Calling @DamJess or @GentlemanSquirl?

Yes. I too preferred them and it was my first idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to strip them from Youtube videos until @Slewey gave me the idea.

I wanted to avoid the extra clutter. At the time, I was trying to get the class epcial for Medic but the website was down. So I thought… “All 3 Hunters of the same class have the same special anyways… why not just keep their inventory and show the essential to their uniqueness?”.

I’d love to make more. Unfortunately, I’m unsure if I’ll find the weapon symbols (or even decent quotes) for Abe or Caira. I’ll look into them after I finish the Goliath wallpaper.

EDIT: Having some trouble getting the charge icon from Evolve’s website. It’s being mean to me again…!
EDIT(2): Was able to get it, but had to type in the address manually to get a non-thumbnail image: http://downloads.2kgames.com/evolvev3/images/uploads/goliath_abilities_large_charge.jpg

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I can dig it. I was just wondering your reasoning is all :smile:.

Here’s the introduction tutorial for the tier one characters

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Tommoro I will find you a quote and I’m sure I saw the Caira intro vid too, but not at PC ATM so will do tommoro afternoon!