36 new topics?


Is there some background migration going on with Alpha threads? I’ve noticed I have 36 ‘new’ topics but can’t access them. Does this hint at another event, or is it just maintenance migration. Or is it…

Never mind… :stuck_out_tongue:
(But really, is it migration?)


@plaff is doing a bunch of threads for alex


It’s me, sorry. Doing something awesome with hidden topics. All will be revealed soon.




Yeah, Some Adventure forum game looks kind o…

Don’t kill me.


This user has been terminated for revealing classified information. Please continue on as if nothing has happened. That is all :stuck_out_tongue:
(To avoid any misunderstandings as I’ve had before, this is a joke)


I wasn’t just playing it or anything… I dunno how I even got to it actually, it just popped up when I came here so I clicked it and was sent on quite the adventure. Well, quite the unfinished adventure, anyway.


Still linking it all together. Hopefully it’ll be done this week


Where is the OM NOM NOM option? :frowning: I am now SaddCow :’(


hahaha! interesting little game. I love pick your own adventures!

I know these can get really sprawling really fast. if you need a hand with anything, let me know!


Please tell me that there is one ‘End’ where The Cake is a Lie :smiley:


I just need help finding any links that are wrong. There’s like 4 different versions of every topic, since you can pick up different items. So a couple of them will send you to the wrong version. Mostly just finding those wrong ones and adding any missing parts now


Fun game so far and interesting concept! I died once already. I like it!


I have no idea how people are finding it. It’s meant to be all hidden for now :open_mouth:


Just found one: The kitchen with all items loops back to corridor with no items. I’ll keep looking and let you know what I find.

also, corridor with all items links to reception with no items.


Same as @Hydrawolf…it just suddenly popped up and there I was, roaming…


Cool, thanks. I’ll sort them out now.

@SledgePainter strange… I’m surprised it’s turned up now and not before. Been working on this for a while


I would also select a few people to beta test it out.


Well, if anyone wants to try it then can just ask and I’ll send them the link. Some people have before


I would love to, but I mostly browse at work and I really alt tab and chat enough as it is, I don’t think it would be good for me to play this as well :slight_smile: