30th August Update Broken

so i was playing before the update, no problems at all. when i got the update went to play as the new medic in 4 games, game crashes, cant force close naught, is there any fix to this?

In what way did it crash? Dit it just bring you back to the desktop? Or did it give you a black screen of some sort?

Also make sure to check the troubleshooting steps listed in this thread there:

it happens when after it shows monster vs hunters screen, then it goes to a black screen. i even managed to get the chat box up during the vs stage, it would litterly freeze and to force close i would have to sign out and back in again… its not the hardware as it was working fine before the update.
another thing i noticed when i go to play solo it would play but:
1, The weapons of the selected hunter will not show
2, if i hotswap to another hunter it would freeze the game
3, the dropship cut scene would how i say “freeze for 5 seconds” then carry on for the next 5 or 10 frames or so. (the dropships lights are at normal speed at this point)

ive restarted twice, same thing when i chose a different hunter, im reinstalling the game as im speaking to my OS drive (SSD) to see if it would work

EDIT* i would get 45 - 60FPS during a match

It could be your userdata:

I wasn’t able to update Evolve at all, because when I try steam says “Missing Content Manifest.” After attempting to uninstall and re-install, upon trying to re-install it it still says “Missing Content Manifest.” Anybody else getting this error?

no, mine managed to install, just the games bugging out for me :frowning:

This error is extremely common for some reason on this patch. The most commonly accepted fix of the problem is restarting Steam, and then changing the Download server you use to get the game to something other than your default.

Almost completely unrelated, this happened once before right at Beta Launch, January 2015.

Thank you for the solution recommendation, I tried it and it works now.

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Anytime, and please don’t hesitate to ask for any help on the forums in the future.

If you’re familiar with facebook, you can tag people you know using the @ and typing a part of their name will bring a list down. I might not know how to solve everything, but I can find someone who will be able to help.

Not working at all for me - I’ve tried 3 different regions. Should I just keep switching or what?

just remember if you switch regions to download, switch back to the default one so the matchmaking works correctly

found a fix for my problem, uninstall the game then reinstall :slight_smile: prehaps it fix others problems as well :slight_smile: