30% Reload perk shouldn't affect Maggie Harpoons


Maggie can be pain when she uses reload perk . Spam the shit out of harpoons .

Harpoons are affective because of the recent buff . When you combine it with faster reload . It’s too much


Do you mind changing the wording in the title? It makes it seem like it’s a bug and not a suggestion.


LMK is markov- heedless into danger


Why not!? It effects every other trappers secondary weapon…i think its fine as it is…


Not a good idea to Nerf vanilla Maggie in a wasteland Maggie meta, hell they should buff the arm time on normal Maggie. This wasteland Maggie BS is so overrated and I miss old Maggie :frowning:


Except they already said nerfs were coming for Wl Maggie. Normal Maggie doesn’t have a issue. So saying she should be buffed is too much. A lot of people confuse balanced for underpowered.


Vanilla maggie’s traps arm a tad slow though, I am glad wasteland Maggie is getting nerfed. So sick of seeing her every single match.


Well compared to Wl Maggie’s almost instant arm time yeah. However they don’t want you to be purely on traps alone.


How does reload perk affect the harpoons? Is it just reload or arm time is affected as well?


I think OG maggie’s trap arm time should be buffed and range nerfed. WL maggie should just have high damage (I’m going to miss her after they nerf)