3 weeks, still no Neptune skin from Battlefy


My team, dodge or Nah, still havent received our Neptune skins for winning.


You probably need to speak with @Shaners about this!


Did your captain check their spam filter?
Are all your battlefy accounts linked to your my2k e-mail?
Did you e-mail the community e-mail address listed on BattleFy?
Did you follow the instructions on BattleFY to get your skin?
Did you check the discord?

Did you power off, and turn it back on again?


Made me giggle.

Complexitive said that @insane_521 (they still haven’t fixed the tagging mobile glitch, so I don’t know if I tagged correctly.) Said the system was having troubles, so they entered it manually through an email message.


giggle giggle :laughing:


So, a message like this, could be resolved via e-mail correspondance or via discord discussion. Thread not needed.
But yes, its @Insane_521 not @Insane_562


Yes, but everyone else from other teams are having the same problem.


They’re already stated they made the request, and provided you with a means to contact them directly, to get a resolution.
What more could you ask for?

TRS wants to give you the skins.
Something is holding it up.
Here is Direct contact methods to get ahold of those handling your issue.

This is pretty much a best case scenario atm, I dont see a purpose in the thread, but thats just my opinion. I Hope you get your skins soon, and i’m sure @LadieAuPair and @Shaners and whomever else is involved, is doing all they can.


did you put blow the the bottom of the cartage? Did you wipe the disk clean with toothpaste? Did you put a magnet next to it cuz if ya did then the game won’t work.


We will follow up with 2K about where the skins are.


I think best case scenario is having the skins.


Thank you Seeds. @Torvald_Stavig

I have followed up 3 times now and 2k says they have sent in for everyone.

There’s not much more I can do on my end since there were so many separate emails last tourney.

If you could email me at community@turtlerockstudios.com again with your info I will try once more! I get swamped with emails, it is quite possible one may be lost!



TRS is working on it, as they’ve mentioned multiple times.
In the future please don’t use the public forum, but rather keep your correspondence within email or PM directly with those involved.