3 unique hunter ideas


I had 3 different ideas of hunters that add different was of play. One for the assaults who love to get close and beat on the monster, a trapper with a Hover Board, and a support that can silence the monster granting opportunity’s.

Class: Assault
Name: Stark

Description: Hes was a boxer with an interest in beating up anyone or any thing to show his true might.

Skill 1 - Demolishing Gauntlets: He pulls out his gauntlets punching and deal high damage to the monster. every attack increases his attack speed and stacks for a short time.

Skill 2 - Electrical Surge: He deals damage around him per second. while active he is immune to knock backs and reduces a small bit of the cooldown for his class ability per hit.

Skill 3 - Burst Rifle: A long range burst rifle that deals medium damage to the monster.

Reason for Hunter:
We havent seen what else they have planned for the weapons and utility they might add to the game. this is just my idea on what they could explore

Class: Trapper
Name: Fill

Description: Once a boy who loves movies about the future and wants to preserve it now sees the people of shier in grave danger. Now he joins the hunters in the fight to save the future of innocent lives.

Skill 1 - Sub Ray Gun: He fires a rapid shot that homes in on creatures or the monster dealing medium damage.

Skill 2 - Hover Board: He rides his hover board that increases his movement speed and allows him to see nearby sneaking tracks on the ground. He also can go a certain distance until the board must recharge.

Skill 3 - Magnetic Pulse: He sends a magnetic pulse a medium distance that stops the monster from using movement ability’s (includes - Goliath Leap, Kraken Flit, Wraith Dash, Behemoth Role).

Reason for Hunter:
Hover Boards are the way of the Future

Class: Support
Name: Ragnarok

Description: A military man who helps people learn discipline and coordination through battle.

Skill 1 - Rocket Propulsion: He fires a rocket that deals high damage to the monster. If he shots under his feet he will knock him self into the air, also if fired near a wall, creature, or monster it will have the same affect.

Skill 2 - Distortion Pulse: He sends out a pulse that silences the monster (unable to use their ability’s) for a few seconds and reduces the cooldown of ally ability’s by a few seconds.

Skill 3 - War Cry: He increases the fire rate and reload speed of his ally’s around him for a short time also stacks with re-activation. Rocket Propulsion shots reduce the cooldown of this ability.

Reason for Hunter:
Hes a support that encourages the fight to continue.

These are my ideas for hunters that could show different ways of play. Thank you for reading :smile: and please feel free to leave feed back on the ideas.


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