3 out of 6 games on Xbox 1 bugged


I’m not usually one to complain, but the bugs are getting a little annoying.
First bug, I joined a game and my medic was invisible and his name icon was glitching all over the map. As hank, I was not able to shield him and the monster ended up killing him.
Second bug, as it is well known by now, the medic falls through the map at start. We tried to call a restart and of course the monster never wants to restart in pugs.
Third bug, was battling a behemoth on an epic weather control hunt when the game crashes.
I love this game and want to see it to continue and improve, but I wish these bugs could get addressed faster… because they are all game breaking at the moment


Your frustration is understandable :smile:
Do you have any footage of these bugs happening? It would help the devs find a solution.


No, unfortunately I do not. I will record next time I witness them.


No worries, hopefully these bugs will be fixed in the next title update. :smile:


Love this game too and just want it to work properly but ya the bugs are killing it, arkham knight can’t get here soon enough…


All week my game has been bugging out. Everyone just freezes in place. Always have to quit.