3 out of 5 games crashed/bugged


So with the patch finally out for PS, I was all excited to play again, to my dismay however, my second match in, everything stands in place rockets, players, npcs, seem like a connection issue, checked everything, it was fine on my end, next game goes fine, except I’m taking control over a bot a.i. monster, kraken, it takes roughly 3 minutes of me watching him fly around and fight before im given the prompt to take him over, the next map, im playing good ole Goliath im jumping over a hunter and a cliff, suddenly, freeze ,boots to xmb screen, what exactly has happened with this patch?


I have to agree. It’s been pretty buggy all of a sudden. Randomly people will just run in place. Heck even loading screens and transitions are buggy as well. I just looked at static on the loading screen for a few seconds.


I have had the same problem and because of this i have loss 4 games


Can confirm from playing with party members, once the game starts looking like its a connection issue with all players running in places, it affects everyone in the game