<3 I'll give Evolve another try! <3


Hey guys ‘n’ girls,

I recently started thinking about the great time I had with Evolve and I started to miss it.
I’m having performance problems since a long time.
But I don’t mind anymore.
I just want to play this wonderful game again.
So, if you wanna play with me, then I would highly appreciate it.

STEAM- PROFILE: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198103341865/ (ADD ME PLS :smiley: )

But remember: I have to learn all the stuff around Evolve again. :slight_smile:

The hunt has begun…



Welcome back,I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


(turns down all settings and disables anti alliasing) (get’s ready) :smiley:


It’s always nice to have more players here!


I agree with you :unicorn:


Welcome back TDizzle. It’s great that you’re giving evolve another try. I hope you’re here for the long run. :slight_smile:


Welcome back!

If your still having performance problems the TU09 patch this summer should help!


Welcome back! It’s always great to see returning players.


Yay more players! Enjoy your return!


I convinced one of the naysayers on gamespots news comments section to give the game another try!!!

Go me!

I figured I would post this here as this thread is about second chances and what not.


This is great to hear, but can you elaborate?

It’s a beautiful looking game, sure - some of us can take it all in, marvel at the detail, 2 frames a second when we get dust tagged… :slight_smile:


I’m going to be out of office for a bit - remind me next week and I’ll see what I can dig up


Last I heard, GentlemanSquirl said they were reducing or getting rid of most of the random clutter around the maps and cleaning up all the spaces to make movement and combat fluid. That will most certainly bring up your FPS, and I am fairly certain it will also lower the minimum requirements.


Welcome back TDizzle! :bucket_salute:


:unicorn: You’re welcome ^^