3 hours in matchmaking, nothing but monster (5th preference)


So, I have been 3 hours (not joking) in the matchmaking right now. It ahs been nothing but joining mid-game as monster or starting a new game as monster. Is it bugged since last patch or?


Nah i think that’s pretty normal, but 3 hours is a bit much. I usually have to fight against ragequit after my 4 th try to get a hunter, you are definitely more determined to deal with this. I can deal with playing a different hunter, but i feel bummed to be forced to play monster when i am on a Hunter flow.

I would love to see Hunter/Monster only matchmaking, but that’s probably difficult to manage and/or cloggs up matchmaking, because they already divided all players in tiers with the stupid masteries and of course the level.


I’ve had no issue with matchmaking on my end. I guess you were just extremely unlucky.


I’m in the same boat. I can’t get a match that’s not monster and it’s my 5th preference as well. One match I managed to get Torvald (which I don’t own) and that was about 30 seconds before the monster won, and then everyone ragequit, so had to join another match only to be… monster.


think its due to the new hunters being pretty much insta free wins most of the time, therefore monster players just say fk it and leave.


Probably right. And half the time when it puts me as monster, I can’t even take over the bot. I’m just forced to watch in frustration and boredom. Can’t hit escape and leave, all I can do is alt-f4.


A lot of full-time Monster Players like myself are quitting the game until the DLC Hunters get some adjustments. So expect to be put into monster more often whether you like it or not.


I think it’s definitely bugged.


Put the role you want to play as fifth. Once you get into a game, put it as first again afterwards. Always gets me consistent games as Medic, my favorite role.


This is very easy to explain, no one wants to play Monster anymore because the game is extremely unbalanced. If all 4 Hunter spots are taken, what do you think is left?


I would quess that it’s because monsters are really not that appealing to play as anymore. Especially when you can be hunter t4 and own.


Thing is that many people started playing in at least a 2-man premade. On the rare occasions I actually feel like playing Hunter only for an evening I’l just get shoved constantly into 4 man or 2x2 man premade lobbies and are bound to play Monster.
Yet when I actually want to play Monster I’ll have to constantly compete with other players in my lobby, getting switched around at least every second game.

So yeah, since they didn’t make any adjustments to the matchmaker at all until now it’s just as much a gamble as it was on launch. And I don’t see anything changing that until ranked is done. Just gotta endure the 1 minute timer for a month or two more I guess.


I have had this too. Maybe not a 3 hour span but I have hit runs where I get stuck on my 5th (monster) 6+ times in a row. And this is a mix of in progress, new, and even other game modes.

It is seriously beyond maddening and was the reason I stopped playing for 2 weeks and have been liking the game less and less.