3 General Discomforts: Versus Party Gameplay, Medics and Valery in Particular


First of all I must say the game is great. I played it just now and I most certainly enjoyed it…

But the general faults I noticed so far are the three following:

  • The game FORCES you to play monster.
    |Shocking as it may be, but in many cases (I’m speaking for myself here, but I’m absolutely positive that I’m not a minority on this one) people would want have a choice on what to actually play. In my case I’m a really bad monster player. But fate would have it, or devs rather, that I’m not allowed to have a choice if I’m pitted against a party. So far I was enjoying the game solo, but what made me quit my session was an infinite loop I got into where every match I got was trying to put me as a monster, even though it is priority five on my list. In my opinion there should either be an option to mark youself as “solo player” or ability to have certain classes “restricted” out of 5 available. While it may seem that the “priority list” is a good idea, in essence, it forces to do things you generally don’t want and takes away you control of the game, which is really bad considering the title aims to be competitive.|

  • Medics lack defensive tools.
    |As a hardcore Healer from many games, be it MMORPGS or shooters with medics akin to that (most noteworthy example is Global Agenda to be honest) I can tell for sure that Medic in Evolve is an unfogivingly underpowered class. You may hear good lot of people saying that Medics are OP, but from my experience the reasons for that usually go in a pair, one being the actuall skill ceiling of a medic/healer is rather high, and the other being medics’ ability to crossheal each other. In Evolve’s case however the medic slot is limited one per team, which implies the class is the weakest link in the strongest chain. The monster will ALWAYS go for the Medic and if you think that this will create “tactical opportunities for the team”, you are just overestimating the modern playerbase that didn’t play anything apart from Call of Duty for several years. I strongly suggest giving all medics means to effectively persist in battle without any help from other classes. Health regenrating over time, healing wave restoring full hp to medic as opposed to the hp it heals the team for, ability to self-cast their equipment (mostly concerns Val and Lazarus), or any other tool would slighty buff the class, and will definitely give a reason to play it.|

  • Valery’s tools are counter-intuitive
    |As you can understand I much liked valery since she basically represents my dreambuild medic: Sniper with a healgun. The issue I have, or should I say issues is that half her tools actually do illogical things. Healgun (as mentioned above) doesn’t heal Val and I don’t really see why a medic wouldn’t point a healgun at his head and pull the trigger. Tranq Gun is a gun that has no proper scope, but actually TRACKS and SLOWS the moster FROM RANGE… While Sniper rifle, HAVING A PPROPER SCOPE actually does something that only helps the team in close quarters where the weapon is actually much less useful. I like how Valery is jack-of-all-trades Medic, being Healer, Debuffer and Tracker, but I think Heal Gun shouldn’t be a downgrade from Lazarus device and healing grenade launcher, while the effects from sniper rifle and darts gun should be reversed.|

Other than that most things I’m pleased with, though I really dislike the jetpack handling, but that’s very minor compared to the aforementioned.