3 Changes to Evolve That NEED to Happen (EDIT: 5th CHANGE)

  1. Chat system for pubs. Use the D-pad to hotswap, if somebody is playing as that character, D-pad opens up a chat menu. “Medic: Heal me. Support: Shield me” refrain from location and objective options because the pings solve most of that, and have the word NO readily available.

  2. First Person observer mode option for the hunters

  3. Add an Australian medic and an Australian support, also add a dialogue between Hyde, Griffin, Aussie 3&4 that reads, “Oi!” “Oi!” “Oi!” Oi!" then they drop in.

  4. I haven’t played Evolve regularly since TU7, I’m not sure about this either because I haven’t quit a match in a very long time, never since ranked mode was initiated so feel free to correct me, but I’d like to see a more effective way to quit a match.
    Monsters should not have to wait for anyone, if they want to quit so be it, hunters go up in rank. Hunters should have majority amongst themselves, and this would definitely be a boon for those reviewers who called the game a running simulator, as it allows them to play more matches, develop themselves a bit more in a shorter amount of time, practice their early game, etc. I honestly sometimes forget what the later half of a game of Smite even feels like because so many teams quit on us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Early game is the best game. Again, maybe this is old news.

  5. These are just highdeas at this point, but roll with me for a minute. ULTIMATE ATTACKS(for monsters), at least three ability points to unlock…possibly up to six based on balancing…just saying
    Left Bumper + Right Bumber to activate, or the PC equivalent


Hyde is British, just saying. Cockney to be exact.


My apologies. Have 2 more hunters that say Oi.


Cockneys say ‘Oi’ too. I laughed…


To be fair I never said Hyde was Australian, I just blatantly discriminated against Cockneys.


As a Scot I heartily applaud the practice, carry on my friend!


PC has tying, but console players know communication will be tough and unless they use mics, teamwork will suffer greatly. A simple D-pad talking system can get messy in battle, I mean is a monster is chasing you, are you really gonna stand still for 3 seconds to say “shield me”? Not to mention, there is no hunter dialogue asking for shields/heals/CC/damage. There is, however, hunter dialogue that some hunters say when one hunter isn’t doing a decent job. “Medic, Parnell needs healing” -Sunny as an example.

I don’t see the benefits… Looking through a persons POV vs a 3rd person? Not to mention that only spectators are in Custom games, so this has no effect on majority on typical 5 player games.

Griffin is already as Australian as they get. Not every class has to have an equivalent race/ethnic ratio. Otherwise I want a Black Medic, Bugman Support, Asian Assault, and an Albino Trapper.

High chances that TRS won’t implement this, since there is already 5 tiers worth of races. T6 is in the air, but unlikely that they will add more aussies since each hunter has a storyline and not made up from nothing.

  1. pubs with no chat is an archaic cooperative multiplayer setup, not mandatory, but definitely not as messy as you might think, and still valuable.

  2. Third person is messy and ugly and devalues the scope of the monster. More for competitive broadcasting and ESPECIALLY casual live streams, which is a serious draw to public interest. We don’t play in third person. Why? The devs tried it and hated it. When they hyped the game’s esport nature during E3 and Gamescon, they threw it up on the big screen and massive crowds gathered to watch. I don’t watch observer mode footage at all now. CS:GO doesn’t switch to 3rd person, COD and Halo don’t, why does Evolve? Let the casual streamer upgrade their production quality, and unlike 1&3 this seems to be a fairly simple addition.



We have plans to implement a comm wheel in the future, prob some point after TU09.

I’d have to ask @Wes, @LilTrashPanda and @snowkissed about this since I know it is something we looked into in the past, but I feel if the competitive scene is active enough improving the observer mode would be cool!


and about number 3?



10 chars


All I needed. Feel free to lock the thread any time, we’re done here.


This is out of topic but @Insane_521 is the mic problem fixed for Ps4 for TU 9.0?


Take a look at this stream @LadieAuPair did last week (specifically around 24:30 mark)


A Comm Wheel is in the works, but because of how big this upcoming update is going to be, it probably won’t be implemented for some time still.


i just want a story mode really.
thers sooooo much potential for a story mode.


I’m sure the story would be amazing, but do you really want to suffer the wrath of the writing team?

Colville gouges his players in DnD… I fear for everyone :fearful:


4 would be just in ranked though.


What do you mean a more effective way to quit a match?

You just pause and select quit.


you get a deserter penalty


not to say we shouldn’t punish quitters, just a better way, right?