3 bugs so far


Loving the game. having a few small bugs I will leave here as I come across them:

:exclamation: Game sometimes closes at end game or start of game, but never durring. No error messages, it just immediate CTD.

:exclamation: Mouse cursor is getting stuck on screen, sometimes it goes away if I spam steam overlay, but then it turns invisible when I need it as well lol

:exclamation: Objects de-rendering based on view distance, even at very close distances, see below screenshot(s)
(Rendering view distance bug)


yep, there is another , well meaby not a bug , on nest if the monster starts with a minion (evacuation bonus) even if you destroy all the eggs you need to kill THAT minion , we killed all the eggs and the timer was still kicking , he is waaaay more tough than the normal egg minions, dont know if that is intended or not


You can dissable the buggy mouse cursor with open and close the steam overlay :confused:
just repeat this 2 - 5 times


Yeah I know, that only works sometimes. Also when I make it go away, it makes it invisible in the menus lol.

I also found another bug, sometimes objects “Un-render” themselves if you are like 2 feet near them.

Watch what happens to these barrels when I take 2 steps forward towards them: