3 bugs I came across


One of the bugs I was lucky to be a part of was when a monster spawned twice, and controlled by 2 people. We never stood a chance. One of the monster players said that he couldn’t choose a class, which was Assault. Same happened to me before with the Assault class, but I left before the match started instead of seeing what happened. Maybe I could’ve been a second monster if I stayed. He also said that he could damage the other monster, so if they wanted to, both monsters could battle it out.

I know the EbonStar bug was reported a few times, but this one seems a bit different since there were two, which made 5 hunters in total. One was AI controlled. Markov was an AI assault. It died, timer started, but came back as an EbonStar soldier. Name showed as Assault since he was an AI. Player joins and takes the Assault spot, but the timer starts even though everyone was there. Soon another EbonStar soldier appears. Poor monster.

This is probably a common one, but another bug was an Abe player falling off the dropship in the beginning. We could still see him standing in the ship, but he had full control of his actions, so we were watching Abe throwing grenades inside the ship.