2vs8: Which Side Would Win?

So some people here on the forums have seen or experienced the two Monster glitch. A lot of people want a 2vs8 mode. The problem as we all know is that it would be a balancing nightmare. Knowing that though I ask you this. What side do you think it would favor?

The rules? Only one of each hunter character and monster can be picked, trappers share dome cooldown times, no elite wildlife, all hunters or all monsters have to be wiped, no relay is available to destroy, and the wildlife population is higher.

So with that being said who wins?

  • Hunters
  • Monsters

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Hunters, no real contest. All eight can just hunt one (if the monsters split up), demolish it, and then it’s 8v1.


Hunters, obviously :speak_no_evil:

Caira,Slim,Hank,Cabot,Abe,Griffin,Lennox,Hyde= rip 2 monsters :s


Hunters, of course…

With the game’s current balance the hunters no doubt. With 2.0? I am not sure.

Or both monsters jump the hunters both target the first medic then the second medic then they take down the supports. If you have a wraith they could abduct the hunter to the behemoth who readies up a fissure and the the wraith WB at that point medic is downed could also toss in a Rock Wall to guarantee a finished off medic.

Laz would make it a lot harder. But monsters have a lot of burst damage they could easily take down a couple hunters in the first few seconds.

This thread still makes me want to see a RAID BOSS cause everything needs a raid boss. But gonna have to agree hunters would win the ridiculous DPS would be ridiculous with Hunters.

You could easily keep 1 monster domed 24/7 with 2 trappers, so hunters would win.

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Would love to say monster, but fear it that one dome at stage 1, with 8 hunters, would just be destroy the monsters. If they both got to stage 2 tho… o.0

It would require good teamwork and accuracy from the monsters, but they could definitely take down the hunters, with a combination of 3 star abilities quickly and efficiently. It’s just I don’t think they’d get to stage 2…


:medic: Lazarus + Slim :medic: = Insane heals and if someone goes down then no strikes
:support: Bucket + Cabot :support: = Damage amp and turrets. Nuff said
:trapper: Griffin + Jack :trapper: = Good luck getting away and trying to focus anyone.
:assault: Hyde + Parnell :assault: = Kiss your health goodbye.

Good. Fuckin’. Luck.


Interesting topic, but at high tier with cooperating monsters? This is an aspect we haven’t seen or played with, and the only thing we know is the combinations the hunters can make. And yes that is very strong :stuck_out_tongue: But it won’t make or break the game that much.

What most peeps are forgetting is combo attacks that one monster can already deliver. Can you imagine being bounced around by two monsters? A Wraith + Behemoth combo, a Goliath + Kraken combo, double Goliath, or double Kraken?

The second their power attacks are chained people will die, lose strikes fast and at stage 2, 2 monsters will break any team if they even fart to each other in their communication. The biggest problem for the hunters is splitting up, and group communication. There is so much going on that even finding the player who is under attack will be difficult. In the scenario that both teams have perfect communication, if the monsters ambush the hunter team, they will still break their defense even if its just a short hit and run. I dunno, i’ve played for 600+ hours as a hunter, don’t have a lot of faith in the hunters being in favor that much.

Two monsters can kill a player in 1 second with two heavy abilities. Imagine that happening to your healer, then the focus shifts with only half the healing power you need, and others who will go down if they focus every hunter one by one.

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Also, this Poll is missing “Draw”.
It’s possible you know :stuck_out_tongue:

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two 3 point abilities that can be used at the same time = a hunters gonna go down fast. If they are both stage 2 no heals are gonna help might as well go Val + Laz for the weak points and tranq.

Doesn’t matter what abilities. They literally stand zero chance.

At stage 1 yes at stage 2 they’re gonna stomp if the monsters communicate at all. At stage 2 every 8 seconds or so they’ll take down an assault if the assault pops their shield or be able to take down 2 hunters.

2 BOB, 2 maxed Rock wall, who’s doming now!!! Of course monster will win. Hunters won’t stand a chance

Half the food for monsters means they have to split up or take a ton longer to Evolve, meanwhile you have both Slim actively healing everyone with bursts, whilst laz sits in the spore clouds in case someone goes down. Markov is dropping mines, while Hyde toxics the area. Maggie sets harpoons as Abe tosses stasis. Buckets droppings turrets while Cabot amps. I think the monster would literally die in under thirty seconds.

How 'bout 2 Krakens with LS/AS :stuck_out_tongue:

@PeirsPryce @blackhorns101291 @btubnfj you guys didn’t read the rules it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

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