2v4 Kraken Tag Team match! (Bug/Video)


So, here’s what happened:

I was playing as a monster, and the medic joined in as idle without being able to choose their character. So, I offered them a restart, and they accepted it. When I went to choose my monster again, I picked Wraith. A few seconds later, the word “Wraith” changed to “Kraken” and I saw someone else’s name as monster. My green ready light kept blinking to red as well.

So the game starts, and I discover that not only am I somehow playing Kraken, but there is another one right in front of me. Even better, I’m playing as some sort of fat-Goliath-Kraken-hybrid. A Krakoliath. I don’t think the other guy realized what was happening until he saw the armadon buff appear. Like a boss, he hid in the dome while I did all the fighting, and then we went our separate ways when it was over. I’d randomly see “Sneak Attack” on my screen when nothing was happening, and birds appeared far away from me. At one point, I heard him evolving.

Choosing the abilities was all messed up, my health bar disappeared at one point, and I think somehow the hunters were really confused and took the dome down because they thought I was both in it and not in it at the same time. The support may need some counseling because he sounded really shaken up after the match, being assaulted by two Krarkoliaths at the same time. Many a WTF was uttered.

This was probably the most fun I’ve had in the game in a long time! I’d absolutely play a game mode with two monsters.


That’s so cool lol I can’t imagine how the hunters must’ve been!


Is this glitch on PC? Or all platforms cause i want to try it xD


me too xD except with double behemoths

  1. Turn this bug into a feature
  2. Throw in 4 more Hunters
  3. ???
  4. Profit


Yes that would be awsome


Seriously this should be a feature


It should indeed be a feature. ^^


I think 2v8 should be something that could be eventually done. I think it would work best if you can’t pick 2 of the same hunter or monster though.


mostly 2 of the same hunters monsters there okay because there are multiple


Nah it would be better if it was two different monsters for variety and needed coordination of abilities


I really would love to see a 2v8 mode, but as the devs said it’s a completely different game. Which is a shame really, I feel like it’d be a lot of fun. Imagine Behemoth and Wraith against 8 Hunters, Behemoth gets in their face and fights them whilst Wraith abducts them one by one and slowly picks them apart, it’d be awesome.


A really cool idea, but I can see how it wouldn’t work in the game as it is now. If the monsters split up, then 8 hunters follow 1 and nuke it, then find the other one. If they go together, then they leave double tracks and things and thus are easier to find.

I’d still play it though :smiley_cat:


What if only one monster could win? They could team up to fight the hunters, or they could compete… but at the end, they have to face off.


maybe not a 2v8 because like del said theycould absolutly destroy a monster when evolving and if the other monster actualy makes it to stage 3 they would have to deal with 8 hunters
so maybe a 2v6 no two of the same hunters but there can be 2 of the same monster like we see in the evacuation monster ending


0:30 Why didn’t you let the other kraken eat? a buff would be usefull for him you know…


Yeah, but balancing monster vs. monster would be a nightmare IMO.


I see the Wraith similarities, but not the Goliath one. Where is it?

Also we MUST find a way to recreate this, this looks fun.


I thought it was an AI monster, until it turned around. Honestly, if you have two Krakens, you probably aren’t that worried about damage resistance.

Either way, all the other guy did was hide in the first dome and made me do all the fighting, so I guess he got me back?


I guess XD