2v1 hybrid hunter mode?


Vs. Monster
I think thatd be cool as a pairs matchmaking, unfortunately it would take whole new hunters, what do u guys think?


How would you swap weapons efficiently, and multitask? Can’t shield, and heal at the same time. Or drop a dome, while throwing mortars. Monster would have the advantage of only having to kill 2 players as well.


You could probably rebalance things around to make 2v1 doable, but that kinda defeats the purpose of asymmetrical gaming. What is the next step? 1 monster vs. Uber hunter?

A lot of work for nothing really.


Ok cool bad idea, thanks guys.


Don’t worry. ^.^
You can come up with idea’s, I just don’t see this one working out. Not trying to insult you or anything like that.

You asked me what I thought, so I tried to provide what I see happening.

You would have to balance out health, cc, damage, healing, supporting, and much more. It would be much too hard.