2K, why on Earth would you release the game just before Valentine's day huh?


Now I have to explain to my girlfriend why Valentine’s day is cancelled this year…


Goodnight sweet prince, I wish thee luck, in both love and war… R.I.P.


It’s simple, single people have more time to play than couples


Sad to say I’ll have plenty of time to play. My single brethren let us unite…ON EVOLVE!


Heh, you know what I want for Valentines Day…and it’s Evolve! How easy it is for my husband to please me. Lol, I probably make it far too easy but I’m not really much for V-Day anyway. 'Tis a silly thing. You should appreciate your significant other every day and surprise them every now and then with special things…means more than on some day society wants to force you to celebrate.


I was dumped right before Beta rolled around.

I think the women know the day is soon upon them.


Maybe I should just put sleeping pills in her wine very early that evening… Then I go play Evolve, and fake being upset the next day for HER leaving ME awake and ALONE on VALENTINE’S DAY WHEN I HAD A RESERVATION TO A FANCY RESTAURANT. As an apology from her I will then ask her to leave me alone with my computer for a while…


Is that a good thing or a sad one? OO


Obviously but my thread is a joke don’t ruin it with truth and wisdom!!! :smiley:


I have an idea…give her a spa day! She will be out of the house enjoying girly things and you get to play Evolve! Win/win! When she gets back home she’ll be happy, happy, happy and you will too.


Genius now if only I had a girlfriend. :cry:


Thank god my women is at college I get to just let myself go playing Evovle


I’ll be in Cuba at the time it comes out, and then I come back Valentine’s Day and my friend comes down the entire reading week so I’ll have no time to play the game for like two weeks after its out. I know, Cuba and a friend, not much of a pity story, but I’m missing Evolve so please send me prayers.


Who is gonna get to the fridge to bring me my beer if she leaves the house huh???
Nah Valentine is cancelled and she stays at home, period!


The only things Cuba and Shear have in common are Hank’s cigares!


The day I come back, they better release an update that puts three cigars in his mouth at all times :wink:

Edit: Let’s make that ten, if the monster gets too close, he burns them


Haha, oh you, you’re such a charmer. :blush:


Evolve is releasing it then because everyone loves evolve.


I feel like this was post many eons ago… But it needs to be publicized since there are currently no Evolve shaped chocolates or Valentine’s Day cards available.

Much :love_letter: to everyone I play on Valentine’s Day, it’s my personal Valentine to each of you!


Just thought of this
There’s a reason it’s called Val(entine)'s day