2k to sponsor $100,000 Evolve tournament


So who is going to be doing this?
Going to be looking for monsters to scrim…Add Me AltxrEgo

12 Teams total signed up for XBONE 100k tournament... lol
xbox1 tourny. no ps4... what

Why did I buy Evolve if they don’t support Ps4.


Now that’s some serious money. But… xbox… :frowning:


Wow ! Some serious money being put up by 2k. Can’t wait to watch the tourney.


the competetive scene has always been bigger on xbox than ps4 for any game


That’s also some serious money being made by 2K as well. Don’t let the number fool you.


I have a feeling that 2K isn’t the only one who’s sponsoring the event :wink:


regardless of money made by them, that is a serious prize they are offering up. most game makers dont support thier games like that, and i hope this grows the competitive community because this game is mad fun competetively


Maybe, but why not PC only then? You can choose between mouse+keyboard or any controller and plug it in.


Maybe they are trying to take after CoD, CoD always has a big competitive scene and thats on xbox. Either way im glad its xbox lol


CoD players aren’t gamers -Infinity Ward


Ought to ban Kraken for it, increase monster variety, make it a good watch.


Yeah, keep in mind though team of 5 split of $65,000 is about 13,000 a piece. Or one average American worker salary. Just kidding that like a part-time job.


Rules are good as is lol, no need to ban Kraken.


And 13,000 Each who wouldnt take that for playing a game you play anyways lol. an extra 13,000 would be nice in my opinion


Then the only monster the whole tourny will be Kraken. Same as always, kills viewership. 72% tourny win ratio too. No one will buy if hunters lose 72% and only one of four monsters plays.


Probably because most game makers don’t push their games into the MLG tournaments. I mean your top league games are CS: GO, Dota 2, LoL, Street Fighter, Call of Duty and Halo (Last two kind of dying down). Evolve was created as a competition game from the get go, so it is kind of weird they they only plop it on one platform.


Bummer…I am utterly incapable of using an XBox controller…PC keyboard all the way here, I’m bummed out!


I don’t get the “xbox exclusivity” either. Pax East was a perfect example of PC & Xbox players competing together in the same tournament !


I actually use the 360 controller on PC. So this is all just weird to me xD