2K Studios Alpha Codes?


Has anyone else pre-ordered through the 2K studios and received their email yet? I made the dead line, and i feel like i should have heard something already in my email about the the big alpha. But i have not. It seems odd that i haven’t seeing as the alpha is in 2 (business) days away for me (XB1).

Its probably too late to pre order and cancel through Amazon, not that id use them anyways as they only ever send me broken or defective products. And game stop has never pulled through or done anything right, which is why i pre-ordered direct from source.

So im just wondering if im the only one who pre-ordered through 2K and am still waiting or are there others? I just wanted to ask the community before i looked like a dick for calling over and complaining if they havent been sent out yet.


Do you mean the alpha code to sign up? or the actual download email?


You’re too fast, was just gona link your comment. dammed :slight_smile:


Both? i mean i’ve frantically used every other code and reference to ensure ill make it in (lol). but the only email i’ve received was the receipt which was void of any other relevant information. I’ve been checking both emails i have and their spam folders daily in wait. Still nothing though.


Well, if you received a single use code, you should be good to go.
If you got a pre-order code, you should be good to go.
If you got a code from this forum, you should be good to go.
If you got a code from me, you should be good to go.

Did any of your codes come from one of those sources?

Final emails (with instructions fro downloading) should go out in the next couple days.


Nothing has come out yet. Most people feel that the earliest will be tomorrow, with some of us thinking most likely it will be around Wed/Thurs.


It looks like i should be good to go! Thank you for your time and response!!

also any word on a third generation hunter having a bow yet? >_>




Like this?


thats where the question stemmed from


Ooooh. A harpoon bow, or tracker, or explosive.


I’d rather hunt Goliath with a IFV or a Specter gunship maybe… I’d feel scared with only a bow :frowning:
Nah but a crazy ass bow like Crysis would be nice I suppose… if the weapons don’t have some kind of special thingy they do other than what the class does, I guess it doesn’t really matter what skin the weapons have.

Also, emails regarding whether you got in or not will probably go out tomorrow or today - if pre-loading is an option.


Can I ask what will happen if you’ve been franticly “raffling” around like a maniac on the twitch stream, from sites and enter every code you can find both public and one use. What will happen if I score multiple hits, will that result in steam keys that I can give away?


Replace gold with steam keys


And donald duck as gabe?


Scrooge McDuck*

And yes. Yes that is probably an accurate representation of Gaben’s home life.


my thread has rapidly derailed :confused:


Is derailed the right word for this? :slight_smile:


trains derail rapidly. its not as if they were falling off the tracks for a few hours before it finally happened. one moment everything’s dandy, then next moment you’re trying to figure out how you’re gonna explain this to your boss.

yea i think derailed is a fine word of choice.


Pennies mate. Pennies.