2k servers suck


Trying to find and keep a match in evolve is nearly impossible as its matchmaking and connectivity has gone from bad to worse since its release but like ive said in previous threads i LOVE this game so im dealing with it for now but a person can only take so much im just wondering if anyone knows when turtle rock is gonna go figure something out with 2k because honestly the servers absolutely bomb on xbox one i can only hold onto a game for 5 min before i am disconnected sometimes ill even get closed out of the game and disconnected from xbox live also i mean come on guys dont let this good game die like this because of a fixable problem


I’m on Xbox One and I never have an issue. Ever.

I know that doesn’t help, but it can’t be the servers then, can it?


Thats just you getting lucky :stuck_out_tongue:
The servers are terribad >_>


The only luck I ever have is bad…so…