2K Server Problems


Nice! I just had two rounds in a row where I suddendly foze and lost the connection.
When this happens my teammates and the monster are walking at one point and don’t move forward for about a minute and then I’m losing connection.

That makes the game less funny.


Tara edited this. No need to be rude.

I cant connect to my Online Profile ( PS4 )

Maybe be a bit less hostile with your posts, if you don’t mind. Or even if you do mind, please tone it down. It helps nothing and just sets the thread up to go badly.

As for your issue, it could be your connection to the servers, or the people you’re playing with being in different regions/too far away/have shitty internet.


Three from germany. One from USA maybe.
It’s not my problem. I were able to talk to a friend over skype while this issue appeared.
Moreover I were able to even talk to the teammates ingame.
And the funny thing is: They answered me and asked me why I’m freezing.


That might be it, then. Skype and Evolve are very different. It could be an issue with your machine, or simply just slow rendering because of the distance.

Also, I’m serious. Might want to tone the salt down. Doesn’t help anything and simply insults the developers of a game you’re sitting on a forum complaining about.


It’s not an Issue with my machine because it never happened before.
And slow rendering looks way too different and doesn’t make me freezing and then lose connection.
Also the game tells me that I lost connection to the host.
And the host is…
The Evolve server.


If you’re playing with friends, the host is one of the players.


I played online. Two of them were randoms.
Sorry, I forgot to say. It was a Hunt- match.


I don’t think pointing fingers is going to help much. Accusing the developers of programming their game ‘badly’ and saying ‘this is why nobody plays this game’ is just in bad taste. Making your post more polite (although frustration is understandable) will go a long way and is more likely to get positive responses so I’d urge you to edit your original post.

With that said this kind of thing does happen unfortunately. As TrickshotMcgee said, it could be an issue on your end (though unlikely) but I’m not too good when it comes to pc stuff. :smile:

It was more likely to be just plain bad luck that it happened twice in a row and I can see why it is annoying. :slight_smile:


Then it was almost certainly one of them. Pretty sure there’s almost never a bot Monster because the Monster hosts the game.


Thank’s for your answer. I’ll play some ranked matches tomorrow and then we’ll see.
Sorry for salting around.


But it’s a online Hunt- match where everybody is connected to one server that does stuff like chosing the map.
The server should be the host. Not the monster.

I’m pretty shure it is.


It should be, but that’s not the case. Monsters host.


Where do you got the information from?

And the Monster never froze or lagg in our games while I had these problems.
So if the monster is the host then it has to have problems too.
Also one of my friends in these matches lives nearly to me and he didn’t have any problem.
He was the one in skype.


Info’s been around for a while. Ask anyone who’s been playing since release because I cannot be bothered to cite myself for you.

You don’t really know how hosting works, do you? The host’s game runs fairly smoothly because it’s the main one. It’s what you’re connected to, so he/she doesn’t have to send/receive as much information from different parts of the world as you would. That one generally has fewer issues because it’s not dependent on anything else.

Then it was a YOU problem, not a game or server problem. If nobody else has issues, then it’s YOUR connection or YOUR machine. If you play PC, then Skype running alongside Evolve would have certainly slowed your game down.


Rarely do I get this problem. Reasons are:

  • you/others have bad ping from host.
  • steam servers are undergoing maintainence.
  • bad weather is causing weak signal strength.

Also, don’t be hostile when you have problems, if you expect a game to be perfect then you should not be playing games since they all have flaws.


You are also very wrong on hosting, @TDizzle.

1 player hosts the game from their PC/Console and everyone is connected to it. The player with the lowest ping is always is the host.

@TrickshotMcgee was close, but the monster is not always the host. In competitive matches the monster is the host, but not always in pubs. 1/5 players has a chance of hosting there. Otherwise, in pub the host would always be changing if 2 people wanted monster.

TRS does not have private servers that they use to run Evolve multiplayer, because having 5 players on 1 server is a complete waste of hardware and money, especially if the game engine is resource intensive. You would need a PC with minimal specs just to run 1 game with 5 players on it and this is a complete waste. Larger games like BF and CoD are able to host these servers on private servers because 20 or so players are connected to a server, not 5.

The only server TRS would need is a connection server, where players wait in que to find games, but I’m not a networking wizard.



Evolve uses a Server Farm to host their matches…
Dedicated servers are a thing…

In Customs, you can disable this feature, use use a “Local Host” but in all other modes its Dedicated, from a server farm.
All Consoles.


Then I’m confused.

On private games, the one who creates the game is the host, but in regular pub TRS relies on companies to host servers? This does not seem right because there are times when 1 player leaves and 4 people go into the “searching for players” screen.

TRS might use dedicated servers for ranked, but I don’t know on that end.


no no no…

There are 2 systems,

Dedicated server system is based on the location of the player designated as host.
It finds the closest available server to the Designated Host player.

Local Host system is the option in custom games (almost never used, If you see someone with 1 ms… this is what they’re using). Only use in LAN situations, but this system uses the Player thats designated as host to be the server. This is a Non-dedicated server, but if you want more details, wikipedia is good for it.


Nothing is perfect… But games shouldn’t have a high amount of bugs.