2k says we can't get our levels back


So apparently, we cannot get the levels back that have been reset. 2k just emailed me telling me they can unlock characters for me but cannot get my ranking, or character progress back.

Anyone else get this? @MacMan didn’t you say they could get levels back?? I lost my levels twice, and I was on the verge of elite Abe skin.



I mean, some 14yo douchs can hack CIA or FBI servers but makers of a game cannot edit their customers account into the game they made… And they say I am a troll…


I didn’t need characters when I have them all. I just wanted my level and stars back. They failed us all.


Wow, that really sucks for you guys. As if 2K needed more bad rep already.


I love this game and am very satisfied but I gotta say It looks like TRS picked the wrong publisher.


They didn’t even pick 2K. It was kind of beyond their control due to certain circumstances.
I really hope 2K won’t spoil TRS reputation and reputation of Evolve any further, because both Evolve and TRS are awesome.


How hard could it really be to fix this for people? That is some BS man sorry to hear this.


They have the ability to fix it if they have the ability to give us half of our mastery from the companion app.


I too am sorry to hear this news. My understanding is they could fix everything when @MacMan mentioned that the e-mail support could help you. That is pretty much a reputation killer for other game titles who had encountered bugs like this in the past.

Gotta have that fix put in soon before people do actually give up. Personally, I love this game and community but if it had happened to me numerous times I wouldn’t stick around too long.


My interpretation of that email (which I received for a different issue) was that at this stage they couldn’t restore progress. I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be able to down the track, they’d definitely have saved versions somewhere otherwise everytime we logged on it’d be a reset. Hopefully they sort it out for you, few of us in this boat, I only lost a little bit (I didn’t reset to lvl1, it was like my last 1-2hours wasn’t logged) but I feel your pain.


What happened that they had to go with 2k? (Not disputing it, I believe you I’m curious)


Their original publisher THQ went bankrupt so 2K bought the game.


I still haven’t received that e-mail. I sent Support 25 different screenshots showing how much time I played and that I had every character with leaderboards with me being a level one. They can’t dispute those.


That sucks. 2k dropped the ball on marketing and now it looks like they’re dropping it again. :[


Evolve’s original publisher was actually THQ, but due to financial issues and eventually bankruptcy, they folded and Evolve got acquired by Take-Two/2K


Has anyone had their leaderboards fixed? Mine has gotten reset twice and i currently have a ticket it. in which 2k asked for several SS of characters i have unloacked and my current leaderboard standing. Not sure why they need all of those but they have yet to get back at me again. Its been almost 3 days now.


That sucks, it’s just been a weekend so maybe that’s why? I dunno. Sorry I don’t know why that was directed at me, I can’t really help, just a fellow gamer.

I’m really intrigued by needing screenshots though, I mean I lost all my leaderboard spot (was 9th in my region, so good but nowhere near global stuff) and they said they might be able to restore it with screenshots and I was wondering why on earth I would’ve been prepared enough to have photos of that, wasn’t expecting the bug haha.

p.s by lost I mean all my wins got wiped, thought I should clarify, and now they don’t add to my tally.


It wasn’t really directed at you per say, but to show not everyone received it. It irks me that it appears my time with Support was for nothing. :frowning:


Yea IDK. the only thing i cared about was having more wins then my friends. Now im below my friends that got the game after me :frowning: It sucks