2K Playtest Sign-Ups


Hello partners!

I advice you to check your emails as soon as you can, I’ve recieved a link containing a survery for a possible upcomming beta.

Survery Header:

2K is looking for Console/PC/Mobile game players to playtest upcoming
and existing games. Tests range from taking simple surveys to actual
in-house live game play sessions. Gamers who participate in testing will
be rewarded for their time and help.

This is not a job application or offer and all participants must be at least 18 years old

Particular attention to PC/PS4 users! Since the Open Beta for XBOX it’s been public announced … this survery might be an indicator for an upcomming Closed-Beta for PC/PS4.

Definely recommend you signing-up.

-Essen out-


I got it to :stuck_out_tongue:


You play on XBOX right?


I play Xbox, and I just got one as well.


Was it from 2K newsletter? Haven’t got one but i really do need a PC beta!


If you received codes for the Big Alpha, then at the end of the alpha they should have sent you a survey to ask what you thought of it. At the end of the survey, they ask if you’d like to be contacted for future playtesting sessions, but not specifically to playtest Evolve.


Ahhhh, i got the survey but didn’t complete it, brb :D.


Edit: Meant to quote OP Hmm…

I got the 2kplaytest note - deleted it because it looked like phishing/spam to me…didn’t look professional at all. Hmm.


I hope you can still get to it then. Though, as I said, don’t get your hopes too high up for Evolve testing, they might have other games in mind.


What possible games could it be?


I’m not sure, other games that 2K covers. I’m not up-to-date with their plans. But surely Evolve isn’t the only one they are publishing, and which needs testing occasionally. If it is Evolve, however, all the best! Hope we all get back in.


I wants in this order:

Evolve Beta/Alpha
X-Com 2/Expansion
New Bioshock


Email quote:

During the Evolve Big Alpha you opted-in to be contacted by 2K in the future about potential playtest opportunities.

It refers Evolve, doesn’t sound like a generic sign-up campaign or something.


They’ve also done Skyrim, Civ 5, Borderlands and some sport title games.


Okay - was legit. LOL. Filled out, thanks @Essen


Those who missed the link PM me and I’ll send it back to you.


I hope you’re right.

@MaddCow Skyrim? Really? Hell, I’d think I wouldn’t have missed that. Well, there you have it then. Elder Scrolls Online got some pretty big population for playtesting, for instance. There are new Borderlands games at the making, too. Though I’d imagine that any game to be tested would be multiplayer only, or mostly.


Thx for telling, hopefully we get to playtest evolve or some other 2K games. :slight_smile:


I don’t recall filling anything out


Found this “Thanks for joining us in the Evolve Big Alpha. We have come away with a lot of great data on how to make Evolve a better experience when it releases on February 10th… If you would like to give more feedback on your experience in the Big Alpha, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey at the following link: Big Alpha Survey”

:frowning: the big Alpha survey link in my email doesn’t work any more, hopefully it will play on their heart strings when they see how desperate we are for a beta!