2k is missing a great cross-over opportunity


I’ve seen hundreds of Gordon Freemans, and a couple Duke Nukems, Ripley, even the current political rivals, but when they announced the customizations for X-com 2, I knew immediately who I wanted to bring in.

Some of them look…ok… Sadly my favorite Hunter (Hyde) just can’t be captured in the current customization.


Nicely done! I think you captured Abe the best.



Damn, most of those are pretty spot-on! Well done!


The vest indeed!


Perhaps he has a vested interest…


He could be very invested.


Seems people are already investing in puns


Don’t be upset, you just didn’t invest enough into your grammar check.



Grammar and Spelling mistakes are like lone hunters. They are going to get pounced, grabbed by a tyrant, and flung into a pack of mammoth birds.


Greatest analogy ever.


Added the character pool to the Nexus Mod site for anyone interested.