2K is awful sometimes


Don’t know where to complain about 2K so off topic should do…

I’m missing the voodoo skin and my predator skin for crow, I contacted 2k about both and even contacted them the day before the voodoo skins were even done being distributed(Wednesday) they told me to wait till thursday for skins to be finished distributing then contact them if its still missing, so I contact them after wednsday and get the response “We can not distribute skins after the events have passed” Even though they told me to wait until the event is over.
I tried to reply to them after this and am being ignored.

Something needs to be done about 2k


Sadly they probably get people with the same problem all the time, and that’s just the way it is. I’d just recommend that your 2K account is properly linked up for future events :frowning:
Sorry to hear you are having troubles dude.


The thing is its properly linked I got the TRS gold skins fine and the other three trapper predator skin, but not the voodoo or the crow predator skin


Hmm well I suggest unlinking it and linking it again. Not really much else you can do.

Stupid question, but are you sure you played games on the required days of the challenge?


yeah I stopped home the saturday to play one online game


One you say? Perhaps the requirement is to play more than just one? So I’ve heard in places.

Well as I said, I’d recommend unlinking and linking your account again which I’m sure can be done in the Evolve menus and play at least 3 games for the next challenge.


well I hope voodoo goliath will be for sale later then :confused:


Well I hope so for your sake as well buddy. I’ve heard that the Support skins we didn’t win in the last challenge are up for sale so I bet when all the voodoo skin challenges have been done they will release a bundle pack for monsters.

Would be kinda stupid if they put in the time to make the skins and not release them.


I’d advise asking @DamJess, @MacMan or @DB_Sinclair to help you out. Shoot them a PM and explain what’s up.


Yeah 2k sucks ass man. That’s why Evolve will be the last game I get from them. I’m not gonna punish TRS for 2k’s mistakes. TRS made a great game, so I shall play it. :slight_smile:


@AggroDragon Hello, what platform,and what’s your ID/Gamertag? And support ticket number please.


They are having a ton of skin issues and I’ve not had a single one fixed by 2K support. The “all your skins are gone but everything in the store says purchased” issue, the “didn’t get skins from an event you played” issue, the “you bought skins but they are nowhere to be found” issue… all of which have been solved (sometimes only temporarily) by workarounds that I have found or the community has suggested.

None of my support tickets ended with “We’ve looked into this issue and have successfully fixed it for you!” They have all ended with me saying “Nevermind, I found a workaround” and closing my own ticket.

Honestly, it is getting to the point where I’m getting hesitant about spending money on something I’m not sure will even work.


just now got a reply, Xbox one, AggroDragon ticket number:1054651


What does it say


well theres two tickets one says I have the skins and should reinstall the game and the other was basically SOL


Can you define that for me. I’m too tired to bother.


so out of luck


Did you unlink & re-link my2K?

I had my voodoo skin and crow’s predator skin missing for days but I finally received both of them a couple of days ago


yeah i linked and unlinked earlier now They got back to me and said uninstall and reinstall, even though others on my console have thiers


I’ve pushed this through for escalation, please let me know how it goes.