2K, Evolve, and Youtube


So I was thinking about starting up a Youtube channel for Evolve. I wanted to upload more current gameplay, offer tips, and possibly use that to get some tips for improving at the game myself. I also thought of trying my hand at monetizing if I drew a decent sub base. (Big IF) I’ve looked in to fair use law, youtube’s policy on monetizing gameplay footage, etc, and I never seem to get a clear answer on whether or not I could monetize Let’s Play style videos for Evolve. Can anyone here tell me if 2K/TRS condones that or not? Or would I have to make sure I’m always talking about stuff related to what’s going on in the video, kind of like a tutorial/educational type video. Any insight would be great. Thanks!!!


Let’s play are covered under the fair use. TRS/2K owns the assets, but because you play in such a way that is unique it is considered something new which you could monetize. The biggest hurdles with regards to monetization and video games is that Music gets LOTS of copy right hits regardless if they are correct or not. To be safe do not have any music with words in your videos. My Batman Arkham videos, for instance, got flagged left and right because the soundtrack features a lot of music with vocals that Youtube easily spiders through searches and gives you a copy right hit.

Easiest way to avoid this is mute any 3rd party music in the background (Even things like radios in your home can get picked up) such as youtube/limewire/pandora etc…


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Thanks for the quick response!!! Just wanted to make sure I had my ducks in a row : )


Another example is my Borderlands Playthrough was fine to monetize EXCEPT the intro because it had a song with lyrics in it. I’m sure I could have contested it but I’m so low subscriber that it wouldn’t make any difference in the end.


Yeah I monetized all of my videos without problem .
I plan on doing a let’s play soon, but this copy right stuff could get troublesome .


Honestly until you are making tons of money on videos it is totally not worth disputing. Once you get to the point where money on videos is good you’ll have learned enough about what is/isn’t worth disputing and/or hire someone to do that for you.


While I’m at it, one more question. In looking at different programs to try for capturing game footage, I’m giving Shadowplay a try on Nvidia’s GeForce Exp. So far I like what it does as far as capturing game footage as well as the video and audio from my computer. Simple and easy to use. Haven’t tried uploading videos to Youtube yet, but anyone got any other suggestions? Or is ShadowPlay pretty decent?


Shadowplay is decent. I personally use OBS for streaming and localization recording. Really small file size and not a big hit performance wise. I then edit it with several programs depending on if it’s just chopping up raw files or if they need a bit of pizazz.


Currently my most viewed video has 2k+ views . Making moneys been somewhat difficult on it, I think I’ve made like 50 cents LOL. Not trying to pry, but is yours that low and do you have any tips on generating more? I figure it’s just views like and comments that increase revenue, I just expected more.


It basically depends on the type of ads you have. If you are starting out you are basically given an amount on whether someone clicks on an ad or they watch the whole thing. Ad blocker will hurt you, but you can’t do anything about that. I can’t recall which one the default is set to but I’ve maybe 5 bucks since I started monetizing. I’m more focused on building my name/brand than the money. The moment I make a hundred or so a month I’m hiring someone to do the editing/uploading for me as most of my content is just raw clips.

I’m also just doing mine as a hobby. I have a family and a really nice full time job that it isn’t worth diving too far into this at this time. If it allows me to support my family and not have to work that would be awesome, but I’m not super investing all my energy and time into it. I might get a bit more focused once I get my new office, but for now it’s more of a hobby project than a future.


If you haven’t checked it out, there is a website that I really like for analytics called Social Blade. Have you heard of it?


I agree, it’s so much fun making videos that people like. I thought it’d be a fun hobby, and it’s making me some cash on the side, so that doesn’t hurt.

I’m trying to get a decent subscriber base to hopefully make a steady channel, that people come for, for fun content .


Nope never heard of it, can you link it?


You can view yourself as well as other people’s pages and get an estimate for things as well as monthly subs/views. It’s pretty cool.


Instantly depressed by who was #1 on the Youtube Channels list on Social Blade. lol.


Did you click and see what the estimated money that person makes is to o.O