2K & Devs of TRS - Just so we're clear:


I truly love Evolve. It’s amazing and it’s everything I was waiting for. I loved L4D and I didn’t like L4D2. There’s just something about your games that even Valve (which I admire) cannot do right. Atmosphere of L4D1 was never even challenged by that of L4D2. The way in which you build story behind our backs - with texts on walls and simple but amazing character conversations - that’s something no studio can replicate. And just as with L4D, I am sure I will spend hundreds hours playing Evolve and I will get my every cent back with the purchase and then some.

On the other hand, I hate today’s s**tty practices in gaming industry. Bad launchers (hello Simcity, Warlords of Draenor, Diablo, …), dumb Early Accesses that promise everything and deliver nothing (cheers DayZ) and overpriced DLCs. I usually don’t support things like that with my wallet and I consider money you (2K) are asking for DLCs to be a bit too much. I know the maps are free - and that’s one thing that tipped the scales in your favor. However even taking that into consideration I think it’s overpriced.

But because of your activity on forums and all the feedback you are accepting I will do an exception. I see that you care and that the passion that built L4D is also building Evolve right now. I already preordered and I am more than happy I did.

Laugh of not, but $60 is a lot for me - I am still doing uni and working half-time in lame-ass intern job for roughly $1 an hour (it’s $1,04 actually). So just keep in mind that the money isn’t for 2K, it’s for you. I don’t support the pricing, I am supporting your passion because I see you care about your game.

Good luck!


Exactly the same here.When 2K send me their e-mail to do a survey and asked questions i straight told them that they suck and if Evolve doesn’t become a success it will be on them.Those prices are ridiculus for games this days.

The only reason i pre-ordered and bought the most expensive pack is because of the game as whole and TRS.Not for them.But there are not many like us and they will simply refuse to play because of that price tag.

I also haven’t pre-ordered ever in my life.Neither bought any DLC nor any bundle that will offer me something more.I’m simply against them.

Plus and i ain’t ashamed of telling it most games i play are pirated,or bought on sales through random sites.Yeah i won’t pay Ubisoft for their Assasins Creed anymore.I won’t pay activision for any of their Call of Duties.Buying it through G2A for 20$ was the most money i would give for any of their games.Except single player games like Assasins Creed.I would only pirate them.(Not all tho.Monolith studios for example made a FANTASTIC game that AC will never reach.I’ll be sure to buy it when i have the money)

So bottom line TRS took my virginity this time.


I’m fine with pretty much everything, except maybe $10 instead of $15 for monsters. Not that I personally care, I already bought the Monster Race edition, but maybe people would stop itching about it.


Thank you fellas. I appreciate the honest words. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who wants to “do it right” more than the Turtle Rock crew.

Plenty of awesome free stuff coming down the pike, beyond maps. Can’t wait to be able to talk about it!


Sounds awesome! Only thing that scares me is that Evolve won’t lift off because of the bad rep it is getting - but hopefully I am wrong. I trust you guys to work hard to keep it entertaining and appealing. Things like free weekends, sales and so on go a looong way. And free goodies - that’s something that also helps big time. Thanks for your hard work fellas.


1$ an hour? Jesus man something’s not right there…


I’m still hoping they let a few of the top teams from the Tourney into the press release, and create some hype with commentators and such in high tier competition leading up to release =3


Sounds good but i don’t think there are any top teams now.That tournament that happened was just random teams playing which eventually led to 1 winning :stuck_out_tongue:


No…No that’s not how it was at all…
What makes you think that? lmao


What do you mean?


they’re clearly going to release 5-10 sets of monsters and hunters that are incrementally overpowered for £15 each so everyone is forced to spend a total of over £100 when the game should only cost £35

you think the wraith is bad? wait until they start charging for the monsters after release.


What could possibly make you draw that conclusion lol


Haha, tell me about it. I am from Czech Republic and minimum wage is roughly $2. However as an intern they can say that every 2nd hour you are at work is considered studying and don’t have to pay you. So in the end you will get 25 CZK/hour which is a little over dollar.


Aren’t we talking about the same tour that was a thread here in the forums?That required a sign-up through their site?


Yes, that one


As much as I hate to criticise your planning, announcing the free stuff first would have probably garnered some better rep.


So we come back to my words.I could sign up with my friends aswell.We would just be a random team lol :stuck_out_tongue:


The point of this thread was that it was the publisher (2k)'s call for that, not the developers (TRS) and the OP is saying that’s the reason he’s still buying the game, because TRS made one hell of a great game.


Yeah and you’d be beat by the better ones, hence a tourney xD


And I agree with that