2k Creator Question?


Ive heard rumors of a Tier 5 hunters & a 5th monster can one of u confirm this
Cause imma buy them if there is,i play evolve like insane and really wanna know
And if anyone knows pleazzze answer honestly…kindly yours hannah ;]


If I am not mistaken tier 5 hunters and a tier 5 monster was confirmed by the nature of the pc monster race package. A tier 5 monster and 2 hunters are within the deal.


Yeah the 5th monster is promised to the "PC monster race ahead of consoles edition ". So they’ve got to make it. :smile:

I’ve read developer posts though saying a monster can take 6 months to make. They had started working in behemoth before the game even came out, he was just nowhere near ready.


Thankx im so excited!


Wait, what?! The people who bought the PCMRE don’t get all the T5 Hunters?


No, they get 2 of them, which to me is super weird. I hope there’s more than 2!!!


Yes, there will be a T5. No, 2K did not create Evolve.


…don’t do that.


I want do add that in fact, only the T5 monster and two T5 hunters of unknown class are confirmed.


Actually, we just answered your question, didn’t we? @MidnightRoses.


If the OP expresses consent then I shall close it.

And as others have said, we know there will be at least two more Hunters and another Monster.


I will, for one, be SOOOO bummed if there’s only 2 new hunters. It just sounds so lack luster. Those 2 would instantly be favorites, and all you’d ever see I feel like.


Yeah there has to be 4 vs 1 and 2 new maps…i hope :[