27 min traking the faking wraith ! wtf whit this game


begins to be pretty boring

We are a good team we actualy kill te wraith some times but he just run and run and run and run cloack and run and run and run cloak … that at least 80% of the mach even whit the arena he just run and cloak run and cloak

I hope a developer responds that they are doing something against this, we are tired of this nonsense



Was that really necessary?


Generally your brain is meant to do something about it by telling you to do something about it so that you can get your team to do something about it, but I can see that won’t be the case here.

@Rhuclaw Was that addressed at the OP or the rather amusing picture above your post?


The picture.


Yeah, it didn’t have to be a pony.


I got tired of my LOTR gif so I decided to change it up.


I played a 33 minute game against a Wraith, get on my level

He didn’t even go to stage 3


Pics or it didn’t happen.


just stop following him if u see that hes an decoy abuser theres no need to waste 30 min of ure life


You know what? I actually like the cat and mouse game. You’re a HUNTER, tracking and flushing is part of the game. You’ve got to think smart and employ tactics if you want to corner the Wraith. If you want 100% action 100% of the time play COD. That’s not meant to be an insult btw, people probably develop this misconception by starting out against Goliath but Evolve is not meant to be a straight up brawler, it’s a hunt,with all it’s aspects.


Man your a very smart person. Thumbs up!


Get some new material.


But most Wraith fights aren’t about cat and mouse.
It’s more like a man trying to chase down a running dog. You can clearly see the dog, but that doesn’t help you much.


Just played a game against a very good wraith player (using mainly abduct and supernova). domed it 4 times (i didn’t bother at stage 3). We destroyed half its health in one dome medic got killed which lead to assult dieing shortly after. Support invis and ran as i (abe) slowed and distracted the monster to give support time required which lead to my death too. re-spawned into game with now level 3 Wraith. Support got abducted 100m away but went invis to save himself. With full armour wraith attacked but we killed it with medic and trapper dieing. we made several errors during the game but still won because we know how to fight wraith. Wraith is fine once you know how to fight him. Doming him is easy too btw


Don’t just chase it, spread out and work with your team to corner it. Running after its tail will get you no where. Generally on a successful wraith hunt, myself (support) and trapper will be on its tail to keep line of sight on it whilst assault and medic flank round to cut it off.


I know this, but only 1 class can “corner” it. So to speak.


I assume you mean that only trapper can some it. True but there are map corners too, use to restrict its mobility. Also say you are in engagement range of the wraith and your trapper is just out of range. What do you do? Shoot it! It’s not going to stick around and risk getting trapped, if it does good you get your fight, and at worst you are doing armour damage if not permanent health damage. Keep the pressure on and it’ll be hard pressed to feed, that way eventually if it keeps running you’ll be wearing down its health without it getting strikes on you. Win win


Need teamwork to kill a wraith (or any monster) but you need to communicate more against a wraith. Obviously ya’ll not as good as you think. Lol

I could go on and on…but it’s much easier to say “learn to play.”


We usually don’t shoot at it when its in “run away mode”, as that repletes it stamina. Makes it easier for it to run away.