25 more account levels!


I wonder what kind of rewards there are going to be!

+25 Account Levels? O_O
+25 Account Levels? O_O

badges and keys :^)


I really hope that either the badges are good or the rewards are more creative than that!


Maybe we’ll be able to unlock…

leans closer

…badge colours.

What Is Your Favourite Type of Humour?

Alpha-Elite,Warrior and Apex skins would be cool,but maybe is new badges.


Unlikely to happen when the additional levels are for the account itself :confused:


maybe we get torvald version with 30% less rocket damage but chance to actually hit something [old version] would be coolest reward ever


well ill have you know I’m maxed out in legacy evolve


Damm,maybe some day.



“Oh my, you were serious. I’m sorry, you’re going to die.”


Well hello, what is this? :3

Edit: came in here from another thread
I am late to the ParParty (Parnell Party)



Hats, lots of hats


I want a :tophat: for my Bucket and his turrets. Make it happen TRS.


PaPa John has gifts for everyone!