$23 on PSN, 2nd season pass, rant


My last thread on this was shut down and I moved on, but the fact that it just dropped to $23 pushed me over the edge again. I paid $80 for a game and season pass. I don’t do that often. I had faith in this game. Then 2k goes and releases a second fucking pass? That’s never happened. Ever. A separate pass with different content. It’s completely unheard of. All this after being ridiculed for bad DLC practices. It’s such a slap in the face to people who supported this from the start. And now, for anyone to get it for $23 when I’d have to get the SECOND pass for $10, totaling $90? This isn’t acceptable. I loved this game. I loved this community. I remember the early days when Kraken camped at the top of the dome and the realization that torvald is naked and the question of why slim wears pants and god forbid the wraith is sexy thread. I remember it all. It was great. I stood by evolve from the beginning, and then they screw me and everyone else who cares really on. Yes, I got what I paid for, but I paid for a season pass and therefore expected all future dlc, not the one set that came out at a certain point. The people who have so much funding at the start deserve those packs, but they’ll never get them. I know this will be closed quickly and ridiculed because the only people left here are a bunch of sad fanboy white Knights. God forbid I criticize this perfect game for a practice so bad it had never been done before. Not even by COD or EA or even fucking Ubisoft. Go ahead and tell me why I’m wrong now. Shut down this thread. Ban me. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter anymore. 2K knows where they can shove it.


Uh… sorry you had to go through this pal. : / @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @niaccurshi


Actually, multiple season passes have happened before, and in tandem with Evolve.


No one appreciates the Devs until they attempt to make a game sigh



Also, Evolve is far from perfect, it has quite a few faults but the devs are pushing it towards a good direction.


Your second thread was closed for a reason. There are very strict rules on duplicate threads, especially ones that are so aggressive like this one.


Its called a season pass, not a lifetime pass.

Also you got the game new. You played for a whole year. They missed out on a year. You can buy any game cheaper a year later.



Your opinion is here for the devs to see, me closing this thread isn’t to say that we don’t want to hear your opinion on the forums, though I’m not sure good can come of the comments. For the sake of not having a flame war, let’s just leave this as it is.