22nd Best Selling Game on Steam


Evolve apparently is the 22nd best selling game on Steam of 2015, above Mad Max, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Broforce. With 479,123 owners it’s sad that we have such a small population for such a great game. :disappointed_relieved:


i wouldn’t believe those numbers as that also includes the f2p weekend


now, i will add. that if we had half a million players on evolve…match making woul NEVER be a problem. it’d be like a 3sec queue.





thats only one window. i have two windows open and my phone has another 44 tabs. lol.


If you think that’s impressive, wait 'till you see my browser :joy:


What they don’t know is that the other window with 44 tabs is purely porn… ;D


lol. no porn. but anime im watching or manga im on. some league of legends tabs and magic the gathering stuff.

1 window has evolve related stuff, the other is other hobbies


Soooo many tabs! Hey look, Rocket League is up there. o.o


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