21:9 Ultra Wide Support?


I was really excited to play evolve but very disappointed at the fact it doesn’t work with ultra wide. I don’t even know if game play works in ultra wide but the menus are so screwed up I couldn’t even get into a game. Hell, just the other day I was playing a beta for some forest game and it supported ultra wide. I don’t understand why a game this big can’t just support it out of the gate. Anyway, does anyone know how to get it to work or if there will be fix soon. Every time I wan’t to play evolve I have to turn my resolution to 1080p in windows, go into my monitor settings and turn its aspect ratio to normal so I don’t get any weird stretching, and then enjoy a nice game of evolve… with huge black bars.

Bonus question: I have no idea about coding or anything to do with game design. Is adding support for ultra wide really something that is so hard.


I think you should just keep playing with 1080p until the patch comes.It is a known issue and they are working on a fix among a lot of other things.We expect the patch to come in a couple of weeks maybe sooner.


The known bugs list said that you should try playing in windowed mode


That really isn’t a solution though.

I’m blown away that TRS has been aware of this issue since the first alpha, and even said it would be fixed by launch after the beta and it is doesn’t have proper ultra wide support.

I’m having a ton of fun with the actual game but this issue actually makes me feel disrespected as a customer… Something I have never said before.