2018's E3 Thread


343, and Frank, used to be a part of Bungie. Frank worked on Halo 3 and Reach.


Don’t make me fight you. 2 is the best one, heathen.


I thought I knew you…

2 is second worst, but only to 5.


Beyond GOod and Evil 2 &>&


2 had the best Flood, best dual wielding, best Brute Shot (relevant because it was fuckin great), best Arbiter hands down, and the second best story after ODST.

Hell it had some of the best Covenant levels in the entire series.

Shame on you, Mountain.


I was getting goosebumps watching this, now i know why. 3:30 in.,


And the worst plot, the worst ending, the epitome of a pointless boss/boss battle, and some of the dumbest missions.

Game play was fun, but from a SP perspective. No thank you.


I swear if TRS doesn’t reveal even a 2 second teaser I’m gonna fail my finals.


I disagree. 4 had the worst ending. It was well done, but I didn’t like the way they did it at all. (I didn’t play 5 so I can’t speak for that any)

How was the plot for 2 bad? I mean, it was a little…odd. But by no means poor. The ending did kind of suck, but it could have been far worse, and I did enjoy the missions themselves. I’ve got no doubt that a little bit is my rose tinted glasses, but it was a legitimately good experience in my opinion.

But at least you admit it had fun gameplay. I’ll overlook this heresy for now.




The new Saints Row is looking lit.

(It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw that trailer)


Will Sony announce a new console?


I doubt it this year, especially with so many big games coming within the next year or 2 that come for the current gen.
Could be wrong but usually Sony and Microsoft release consoles around the same time.


Here’s the full theme that played during the DMC5 trailer. Yeah, I’m definitely digging the music.


Better combat, more variety, better multiplayer. All around good game that 2.


4 had the worst? What? :scream:


No TRS announcement or teaser or anything.



I’d think that late 2019 would be the soonest we hear anything, and even then it would be little more than a “we’re doing a thing now” announcement. They haven’t been working on it for that long, so I don’t expect anything for quite some time. Certainly nothing so substantial as a teaser.


Literally all I cared about for E3.