2018's E3 Thread


Or if you just stay calm you can practically say whatever.

Also is that a crater in the ES6 reveal?



Kinda looked like a mountain range to me. I should rewatch it, though.

Upon rewatching, it does looks like there’s a large sunken area. Might be a crater. Lot less mountains than I thought I remembered from like…2 in the morning when I first watched it.

But it’s definitely not Hammerfell or the Black Marsh. Could still be Elseweyr, though.


I loved Reach… Reach was the game My son and I played together and beat… We had a blast and the story wasnt that bad at all… I liked it a lot… Glad there is another Halo Reach around player about.


I played all the Halo games except 5 and Wars 2.

2 is my favorite, though.


What have the done to Rage?


eh, I liked last year, and I liked this year.

Edit: DD’s expo I mean


Is it me or does Square Enix just feel like a collage of trailers?


THE ALEXA SKYRIM… is real and you can download it right now. (i really like this idea)


Yes. Yes Square does.

Love this time of year XD


Suicide Squaded it!


That’s partially cause they have a lot of stuff going on all the time. It’s honestly nice to see, even if I would only play one or two.


Welp, we’re getting another collab between Square Enix and Platinum. I’d also like to inform people that may not know that NieR: Automata is finally getting an XBone release.


Based on the terrain, Black Marsh is out of the picture, but it could easily be Hammerfell. I think Western Hammerfel/High Rock are the most likely options. Looks like either Iliac Bay or Rivenspire.

I’m like 80% sure I see snow, so I find it hard to belive that Elsweyr is possible at this point.


Yes. I can confirm.



I’m trying to think of any lore in previous games that talk of an impact but I’m drawing a blank.


I looked over the clip and my first thoughts are impact as well. It is 100 percent a sloped impact crater that had some overgrowth over time… But yeah, thats an impact site.


I’m like 900000% sure you don’t pronounce the “a” on the end of “Ganesha”