2018's E3 Thread


I’m not even gonna watch that just because of how last year went


I almost regretted watching DD but then they announced My Friend Pedro?? HELL YES

You guys can play the original game at armorgames.com. I love this game


Def gonna buy DOOM & ES6. DOOM’s one of my top picks for FPS in the last decade that I’ve played.


I found the cure for sleep deprivation. You’d think it’s sleep, but no; Bethesda’s E3 conference is much more effective.


Actually excited for FO 76. I think it could be super fun IF DONE WELL. My biggest worries are that there will be no way to play the world W/O other players thus getting griefed or nuked by groups that can progress faster. (Not worried for my sake and not against multiplayer) I just think this could scare off a lot of their normal playerbase, the ones that play for usual storytelling, don’t have friends, or rely on V.A.T.S.

Only easy fix I can see for this is being able to join the multiplayer world in a… Solo mode(?), that you can’t undo unless you make a new character. This solo mode would put you in the same map, but unable to interact or be interacted with “online mode” players or their structures.(maybe phase through them?) Basically you could see and maybe talk to them, but not shoot or grief. Idk sounds good in my head.

I’m personally loving the idea of a battle royal-esque game (Eek did I just say that?) that is PvPvE survival, Set in fallouts universe, has actual progression, 16 times the detail of FO4 and 4 times the size (IIRC), base building, defensive options, and no way to annoy us all with how many turkey sandwiches you’ve won. =P

It changes my entire approach to the game compared to 4. Where I would keep my good gear at home, unless I knew I needed it. (mini nukes and the like) This game makes me feel like I’d always want my best stuff on hand and run the risk of losing it, just in case someone was eyeing up my base, friends, or me out collecting resources.

Also stoked that your… Camp, can be placed anywhere (outside of buildings, caves, and the like I would assume) the only reason I didn’t like base building with 4 was because it was restricted to limited pre-set areas. I’m a base building buff I can’t help it. I’ve spent way to much time in games just building instead of playing the main portion of the game.

Making giant metal forts in ark, or just making my Fortnite storm shield defense base look like a castle, gives me that huge sense of accomplishment. A lot of the games that usually boil down to who sees who first (COD), and most BR games (that usually consist of drop in, get screwed by rng, and run away from a wall for 20 min with a pistol just to get sniped by someone that just had better luck), just don’t give me that same sense of accomplishment when I win a 30 minute round, vs finish weeks of work.

Edit incoming soon of a vid of one such project.


(Anyone know an easier way to get Xbox clips on here?)


Command and Conquer wasn’t always EA-owned. And in fact , some of the best games of the franchise (Tiberium Sun and Red Alert 2) were made before EA was even somewhat involved.

When EA got holds of the franschise, it went down rather quickly. Generals was pretty alright (though the mod scene is what made it truly special, even to this day), Tiberium Wars was quite fun, but Red Alert 3 was a mess, and Tiberium Twilight is a cardinal sin that we don’t talk about, ever. They later brought out a browser game à la Clash of Clans, and tried rebooting the entire franchise with a F2P blanket game, but that got cancelled (thank god, it looks great but everything else around it screamed trouble)


Surely this has been stamped out now. I feel like our only option is North-West Hammerfell/High Rock


Rumor has it that FO76 is going to be a battle royal type game… Which on one hand I can’t believe its happening… But on the other… Everyone and their dog is doing it now -.-


Inb4 TES 6 in 2085 is BR


I’m still working on last minute touch ups but I should have my website finished up within a few hours. After that, I just need to work on shrinking my video down to 2-5 minutes. (It’s at 7 right now)


I’m hoping 343 doesn’t fuck up this next halo game. I miss being able to play a good and new halo game with my little brother.


Feels like Metro Exodus is abandoning much of what made Metro special with the change of setting, but we’ll have to wait and see.

honestly, don’t get your hopes up…they’ve got a pretty bad track record.



Well Square has done Final Fantasy stuff for PC so it’s not out of the question.


After last night’s conference I think it’s more accurate to call it a survival game more in-line with something like Ark, or Rust.


I know, which makes me hopeful. KH on PC would be like a dream come true. I still need to buy FF9 and FFX bundle (shame on me).

Ah, the nostalgia.


Nuuu wait at least a couple days after release


Ya I heard that as well. To be fair, I don’t think that will be that enjoyable. It’s already bad enough that they are watering down the role playing elements that made the originals great. All I know is that if they are going the Ark/Rust route they better have fixed their god awful outpost construction process.


Yeah, not really seen enough of the systems to go along with the gameplay to build a solid opinion yet, so whilst it looks like a bit of alright I’m still waiting to see more.


I just hope it isn’t another Fallout Shelter. That could have been so good :frowning: