2018's E3 Thread


Ok, I take it back. They teased/confirmed TES 6 and I’m shaking. It’s 4am, my parents are asleep and I had to put my hand over my mouth to hide the little squeal that escape.


Well I remember them saying they weren’t even going to start work last year until they had the proper tech. I guess something came up. lol

Bring back more spells, the old spell arts or whatever they are called, bring back spears, old school enchanting (morrowind style) and levitation.

Let me be wonky like we used to be able to do. I want to kill god, put his soul in a staff and unleash unholy hell on the world.


As long as the gameplay as a whole improves I’m behind any additions


I’m not sure I could recommend a better shooter than DOOM. Wolfenstein comes close, but it’s just not quite as satisfying tbh.

Aaaaaaaaand I’m not sleeping tonight. Gonna spend the whole time squirming like a kid on christmas eve.

I want motherfuckin spell crafting back. That was good as hell. And slightly broken so it was real funny.


To break it you had to earn it so it worked out well.

I wish they would bring back fatigue working like it used too. If you are learning spells you need to get better at them and there is a chance for failure.

Morrowind mage was one of the coolest ways to play.


Really hoping the game expands into territories that past games haven’t been to. But it looked very mountainous, so I’m a tiny bit scared it’s gonna be an actual Skyrim 2.

I want one based in Orc or Wood Elf lands. Huge mountains and caverns, or moving forests with cities in them.

PLZ Godd Howard. Give me one of those.


This is what I assumed with the way they were talking last year.


I read about that stuff when I was introduced to Elder Scrolls many years ago, and I have wanted it since. Mods haven’t done it, there’s been no ESO stuff for it, but I reeeaaallllyyyy want it. That’s maximum tier fantasy stuff there and would probably instantly get GOTY for me, even if 70% of the game sucks.


I’m exactly the same. I have school in 5 hours too :sweat_smile: Oh, boy, it’s going to be a fun day.

The also said that they were pushing out 2 major titles before TES 6. I was watching the announcements waiting for 2 major title announcements :smile: Obviously one is FO76 but I wasn’t sure about the other, because I didn’t think the FO/TES team worked on any of the other titles.

Clearly I’ve missed something, but I don’t fking care because I’m hyper af right now.


I was envisioning, going into a tavern in the city and waking up halfway across the map. lol

If you get there at the right time you can see the trees stand up and start slowly walking away, trying to not get stepped on.

That would be some top tier shit.


Rage 2?

Does that count. Or Starfield.


Oh, wait. I just remembered, might it be Starfield? Honestly already forgot about it,


Starfield is suppose to be a big space based RPG. That is the big game coming before the next Ender Scrolls.


I really wanted Valenwood and some peole have been speculating Argonia, which I don’t want.

I need to wait for the clip of the teaser to be released on YouTube or something so I can look at it better. Honestly as soon as Howard said “The other franchise you keep asking about” I freaked out and couldn’t watch the screen properly. The clip was also really short, but it doesn’t look like Valenwood or Argonia


There’s also a fair bit of speculation going around that it could be Elseweyr.


Here is the teaser


That’s actually what the Valenwood is. The capital is built in the canopy of that moving forest and it’s always slowly moving around the country. Basically fantasy nerd heaven.

I wouldn’t mind the Black Marsh, honestly. There’s some weird shit there. Swamp monsters, cursed forest (if I remember right). Potential for good shit boi. Though it is rather close to morrowind and there’s not much there, aside from the huge marsh area.

I would also be fine with a desert area, but the same problem with Black Marsh crops up - it’s pretty empty.

That’s why I want a little bit of all of them, though Valenwood is at the tippy top of my want list.


Tbh, I just like the elves :smile: Although, I think Elsweyr would be really cool



Honestly the Doom Eternal Announcement is what got me hyped the most. Haven’t seen anything of Starfield or ES:6, going to wait to ay anything about 76, and DLC is nice and all.
But Doom? It is time to rip and tear all over again on some new aliens, with some new weapons, on a new planet.

Also on Starfield.
“Discover Starfield, the new space epic currently in development by Bethesda Game Studios. Starfield is the first new franchise in twenty-five years from the acclaimed developers of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.”


Devolver Digital does it again