2018's E3 Thread


damn America is fat. we should work on that more… The audience in the Bethesda room is all above Average 8(


I don’t understand what you mean :?


I refuse to be hyped for anything Bethesda is doing. They are the reason I will never preorder another game.


Skyrim Alexa… an interactive story of sorts. (could be joke, not sure.) 'Very Special Edition"


They know
They do know


That was actually quite amusing.


I take back my previous statement partially. I will preorder Fallout: Oklahoma. But only then.


Fallout 76’

I Have not played Fallout since it was isometric… Maybe its time I take a look.


Wow. All of those games and I’m struggling to get excited for a single one of them


Will likely be buying these when they release.

But I still want another Elder Scrolls game. Sad that they’re too busy with that ESO and new Skyrim remasters to get a new one going. Need a modern one as good as Oblivion was.


Fallout 76 actually looks like a bit of alright.


After 4, I hold significantly less hope. Well, there’s also that it’s supposed to be a multiplayer game or something (Just googled it and internet says it’s multiplayer only, so that’s fun). And it’s supposed to be about rebuilding everything in the post-apocalyptic world - because everyone loved the settlement system soooooo much >_>


Fallout 4 is literal garbage. There are still bugs that make specific missions impossible to complete. STILL!


Yeah. Bethesda needs to put down Fallout for a while. Hopefully the same people who worked on DOOM are still working on the sequel, cause apparently they’re all the competent ones. And they need to stay in that lane cause they did real good.


Haven’t played Doom 4 but it looked good.


In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best shooters to come out since the early Halo games. It’s certainly superbly gratifying, even on the high difficulties. I really hope the second one is the same. As long as they don’t change how Doom Guy moves around or take away the wonderful guns, it should be hard to fuck up.


Well they finally announced ES6.


Doom 2016 is the kind of game that all modern FPS games should aspire to be.


Titanfall 2 is my current top tier FPS.


Coming in 2025!