2018's E3 Thread


This is the actual truth


I refuse to buy anything on the store


They also need to start making exclusives for the XBone. I’ve got no reason to buy one atm.


Sony is really nailing it with the exclusives


What about a 2019 Battletoads Game :?


For fuck’s sake, Capcom! Why are you doing this to me! Was it really so hard to return to the gothic style of the first Deil May Cry games? It’s as if they didn’t learn shit from DmC’s reception.

First of all, Nero is the protagonist once again, and since they thought that he wasn’t already disliked enough, they decided to make him completely unrecognizable by giving him a DmC Dante facelift and hairstyle. Why not, right?
Second, if that brunette girl is Kyrie, I’d much rather have her bland DMC4 personality back rather than this new douchebag-sounding one.
Third, why not bring back fugly and creepy looking Dante from that very first DMC4 teaser back in the day? Surely that will win the fans over again.

Jesus Christ. At least the combat looks dope, as I would expect from DMC, and graphically it looks gorgeous, even though the style is not at all what I wanted, and expected. I need to see more of this game, I really do, cause right now, while I’m not already dry, the huge ass hype I felt when I saw the title has gone down considerably.


Only make edits, please.


Okay, I’m kind of torn about what I’ve seen of DMC5 right now. The designs are all weird. I mean, it looks like we’ve got the gameplay back, which is a plus, and at least the characters are fairly recognisable (okay, Dante was fairly recognisable at the end of the trailer) I don’t mind that we’re getting Nero back as one of the playable characters, but am kind of confused as to why they’d take his Devil Bringer away rather than flesh it out.

I’ll need to see more, first impression isn’t negative. But I’m very torn.


That’s all it from Microsoft! Now I’ll be back for Bethesda

Was Devolver the really weird shit last year?


Battlefield V meh
FIFA 19 meh
Star Wars Battlefront 2 stuff meh
Unravel 2 meh
Sea of Solitude meh
Madden 19 yuck
Command and Conquer ^.^
Anthem ?

Halo Meh
Ori and the will of the wisps ^.^
Sekrio Shadows Meh
Fallout 76 o.0
TAAoCaptSpirit hmmm
Nier meh
Metra Exodus meh
Kingdom Hearts 3 ^.^
Sea of Thieves meh
Forza o.0
We Happy Few ??
The Division 2 meh
Shadows of Tomb… meh
Session meh
Black desert mobile meh
Dmc5 o.0
Cuphead +++
Tunic ?
Jump force ?
Battletoads !!!
Just Cause meh
Gears 5 o.0
Cyberpunk o.0

these opionions are based on the scale of Meh to !!!


Why isn’t anyone talking about this!? Kingdom Hearts coming to PC!! Does this mean the previous titles will come to PC as well! I’m so excited.


Quick trailers for anyone that’s missed it. GLP pretty much records and uploads everything as quickly as possible

Because I’m not excited for it :sweat_smile:


Really looking forward to these! :star_struck:


What’s this about Cuphead?


Destiny 2 Forsaken is gonna be very cool.


Oh any hand drawn animation and a quality game to boot gets a +++ which is ecstatic.


Anyone else get GTA vibes from the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer?

wee bit worried about the game now


Here’s a far clearer trailer for DMC5 if anyone’s interested.

Now that I’ve seen Dante clearly I don’t think he looks that bad. Kind of aged, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nero looks more like Gene from God Hand now, but at least he’s got a look that differentiates him from Dante a bit more, though I’m still kind of let down by the loss of Devil Bringer. The designs of the demons still don’t sit with me 100%, though.

Eh, digging the music so far, though.


Ugh, I hate Frozen…


Doesn’t everyone?